New Green Your Business Forum Launched at Intuit Community

by QuickBooks

1 min read

Intuit, in partnership with the Green Business Bureau, has launched a new Green Your Business forum in the Intuit Community. This forum provides a space to address the challenges you face in going green as a business owner, with industry-specific ideas for introducing sustainability to your business — specifically those that help reduce costs and grow your sales.

In the forum, you can connect with other business owners facing these same challenges and share ideas or best practices. One of the unique features of this forum is that you will also have access to the expertise of Green Irene Eco-Consultants, who will respond to questions from community members.

Green Irene is the only green consulting firm with a national reach, with more than 600 consultants in 50 states. All of their consultants undergo extensive training on a wide variety of sustainability topics, from energy and water conservation, to indoor air quality and toxic materials in the workplace. Together with the Green Business Bureau, their consultants have provided in-person guidance to businesses throughout the country, and they’ll now also be using this training and field knowledge to respond to your sustainability questions in the Intuit Community.

So are you seeking alternatives to toxic cleaning products used at your office? Do you want to save money with more efficient lighting for your store displays? Do you want to better understand what going green means for your industry? Visit the Green Your Business forum with your questions today, and get the information you need to start your business on the path to going green.

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