The Top 10 Songs About Business

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The recent 53rd Grammy Awards lived up to its claim of being the “biggest night in music.” Lady Gaga hatched from an egg. Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger rocked the audience without breaking any hips. And against all Bieber odds, the Grammy Awards panel awarded lesser-known musicians with several of the night’s prestigious awards, including indie rock band Arcade Fire winning Album of the Year for The Suburbs, and jazz singer Esperanza Spalding being crowned Best New Artist.

To give the dusty vinyl an Intuit spin, here are our top 10 songs about business and working til the whistle blows.

1) Taxman – The Beatles – On the 1967 Grammy-nominated album Revolver, George Harrison echoes the popular distaste of keeping Big Brother happy.

“Let me tell you how it will be;
There’s one for you, nineteen for me.”

2) Five O’Clock World – The Vogues – Who doesn’t look forward to the end of the workday? This 1965 classic focused on the little lady at home, which gives many workers a reason to push through another day on the clock.

“But its a five o’clock world when the whistle blows
No one owns a piece of my time
And there’s a five o’clock me inside my clothes
Thinkin’ that the world looks fine”

3) Friday Night – Loverboy – For many, Friday means one thing only; payday. And with that fat paycheck, the work week is just an object in the rear view mirror.

“I’ve been bidin’ my time, listen to the Boss man scream
Workin’ forty hours, payin’ for this dream machine”

4) Car Wash – Rose Royce – Some workers don’t get no respect! Luckily, Rose Royce reminds us to always look on the bright side of things with their 1970s disco hit about… you guessed it, we’re “Talkin about the car wash!”

5) Bright Future In Sales – Fountains of Wayne – In 2003, the Grammy-nominated band turned the ordinary struggle of the salesman, determined to climb to the top of the ladder via a catchy power-pop song.

“You know I’ve come too far
And I don’t want to fail
I got a new computer
And a bright future in sales”

6) Workin’ – Lynard Skynard – With numerous classics and booked as one of the “hardest working bands in history,” Lynard Skynard has yet to win a Grammy. Still, the bills have to be paid, so they keep on workin’.

“So I keep on workin’
Like a workin’ man do
I need to buy my baby shoes”

7) Taking Care of Business – Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Inspired by a hardworking studio technician, The Guess Who rejected Randy Bachman’s catchy song about the joy of being his own boss. Eventually, this BTO hit became one of the most recognizable rock songs ever.

“It’s the work that we avoid
And we’re all self-employed
We love to work at nothing all day

8) 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton – From the film of the same name, starring Parton (seven time Grammy winner), Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin, the Queen of Country Music gave hardworking women everywhere an empowering anthem to hold their heads up high with.

“Want to move ahead
But the boss won’t seem to let me
I swear sometimes that man is out to get me”

9) She Works Hard For The Money – Donna Summer – Nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Summer wrote the song after meeting a bathroom attendant that worked two jobs to make ends meet.

10) Workin’ For a Livin’ – Huey Lewis And The News – Having performed as a street musician to get by, Lewis made the plight of the workin’ man and woman a radio hit. So catchy is the song, that in 2007, country music legend and Grammy-winner Garth Brooks recorded a duet of the song with Lewis.

“Bus boy, bartender, ladies of the night
Grease monkey, ex-junky, winner of the fight
Walking on the streets, it’s really all the same
selling souls, rock n’ roll, any other game.”

What songs would you put on your play list at work?

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