The Top 3 Challenges of Running a Web-Based Company [VIDEO]


Whether you're a full-time professional seeking a new career path or a part-time hobbyist looking to generate supplemental income, the allure of launching your own web-based company can be immense: The costs are low. The hours are flexible. And the office space — a.k.a. home — is convenient.

But with these obvious benefits come some inevitable and unavoidable challenges, cautions Steve Dalton, director of business development for Golden Technologies. One of the biggest is being unprepared to handle success that exceeds your expectations.

"What if it explodes in growth? Are you ready?" Dalton asks. "What if the emails go from two per day to a hundred? Can you handle 100 emails a day, or are you going to chuck your BlackBerry out the window? It's a good problem to have, but it can be a problem. The last thing we want in a web-based business is a glitch. You only have one shot at many of these customers, and if you lose that one shot, they may never come back."

Dalton recently talked with the Intuit Small Business Blog about what he believes are the top three challenges of running a web-based company. Hear what he has to say in this exclusive video interview.