The Week in Small Business – 02.04.12

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Super Bowl 101 for Small Business Owners

Unless you run your business from under a rock, you’ve likely heard that this Sunday marks Super Bowl XLVI. Odds are you’re not one of the advertisers shelling out $3.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime, but Fox Business says small companies can still learn from the media craze. For one, know whether and how your marketing spending — no matter the amount — will produce a return on the investment. Related: Can the boss get in hot water for throwing a few bucks into the office pool?

This Should Pique Your Pinterest

Social bookmarking site Pinterest has been the soaring star in the social media universe of late, and it turns out it’s not just hype. The site now refers almost as much internet traffic as Twitter, according the January 2012 Shareaholic report. Its 3.6 percent share of traffic referrals puts it well ahead of better-known social names like LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. Mashable notes that the two-year-old site has become a major traffic driver for online retailers, though traditional search remains the top source of website visitors.

Did the President Make a Small Biz Mistake?

President Obama has been talking quite a bit about small business recently, so perhaps it’s understandable that he misspoke during a recent live video chat on Google+. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker column takes the President to task for his answer to a question about his proposal to consolidate the Small Business Administration with five other agencies and how it would change, among other things, the role of SBA head Karen Mills. The column’s ruling? The President’s slip-ups earned him two Pinnochios (out of four) from the Fact Checker.

China Creates $2.5 Billion Lending Fund

The U.S. government isn’t the only one putting extra emphasis on small businesses. AP reports that China announced a $2.5 billion lending fund this week to help spur its sagging small business sector, which is a driving force behind new jobs in the country. (Sound familiar?) The plan also includes tax breaks for Chinese entrepreneurs.

How to Network When You Don’t Like Talking to People

Networking can be a crucial tool for building and maintaining a successful business, yet some folks have a greater gift for gab than others. What’s the shy entrepreneur to do? The Harvard Business Review Blog serves up the introvert’s guide to networking. Now please leave me alone.

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