The Week in Small Business – 11.12.11

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Is Occupy Wall Street Hurting Small Businesses?

The Occupy Wall Street protests might take aim at large banks and corporate interests, but they’re apparently rubbing some small businesses the wrong way, too. The Christian Science Monitor reports that in Oakland, retailers near the downtown Occupy encampment are experiencing losses of as much as half their regular sales. Three businesses there, meanwhile, have backed out of plans to lease new commercial space in the downtown area — at a cost of 350 projected new jobs.

2012 Olympics: Boon or Bust?

Location, location, location — it’s everything for some small businesses, but that’s not always a good thing. The Washington Post profiles the potentially negative effects of next summer’s Olympic Games on some London businesses, such as a café near the Olympic Stadium. While you might think such major events help boost bottom lines, an expert says it’s no sure thing: “You can actually be too close to the fire.”

How to Develop Your Inner Closer

Love running your own business but hate sales? Tough luck, says Entrepreneur: Every owner is a salesperson whether they like it or not. If that makes you cringe, you’re in luck. They list 13 straightforward tips for developing a successful sales instinct. None involve reciting lines from Glengarry Glen Ross.

Fed Chairman: Focus on Small Businesses

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke opened a conference on small business and entrepreneurship this week by saying the government needs to make small businesses a greater priority in its economic policies. Yet The Washington Post’s recap notes there isn’t much agreement on exactly how to do that — in fact, there was discord even among the conference’s speakers. One thing does seem certain: With the 2012 elections looming, expect to hear a lot more small business talk in political and economic forums.

This One Goes to 11

Yesterday was 11.11.11 — in the U.S., the once-a-century date marked Veterans Day, honoring Armed Forces personnel. (On a lighter note: London’s Guardian newspaper noted the celebration of Nigel Tufnel Day, commemorating the fictional Spinal Tap guitarist and his legendary amplifier.) Check out the Intuit Small Business Blog’s post on resources for military veterans starting a business.

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