Where to Find Case Studies for Social Media

by QuickBooks

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We all learn from others. Even our innovations come from putting together ideas in new ways. This applies to social media as well, but where can you find ideas? I’ve gathered up a few sources of inspiration for your social media marketing.

Start with Tod Maffin’s Case Studies Online. It’s a database of social media case studies that you can access by demographics, industry, organization, region, tactics, or topics. Need a hotel story? Go to industry, then hotels/lodging. You’ll find examples from skiing, water parks, and Best Western hotels. There are for profits, not for profits, associations and government. It’s a terrific resource.

Next, look into social bookmarking sites. Chris Brogan tags case studies in his Delicious account. Right now, he has 154 items tagged. They aren’t sortable, so you have to page through them to find ones that work for you. On the first page right now are “How to create a great landing page,” and “How not to run an online promotion.” You can access Chris’s bookmarks at: http://delicious.com/chrisbrogan/casestudy

My Tourism Currents partner Sheila Scarborough collects tons of tourism-related case studies, articles, and tidbits at Delicious. Right now, there are 405 items tagged, and Sheila is really good about using tons of tags to help you classify and sort those items. In the first ten items today, I see an item on geochaching, Pennsylvania Tourism’s use of Foursquare, and 17 tools for producing your own video. You’ll find the Tourism Currents links at http://delicious.com/tourismcurrents

We compiled a bunch of the best of these links with added commentary in a booklet. It’s available for free – no need to give up your email address.

Another great source of information is the presentation database at SlideShare. People upload all kinds of presentations, from the funny to the instructional. Browsing through the business category for social media gems, I found Social Marketing Analytics by Jeremiah Owyang, Twitter for Business 101 by Laura “@Pistachio” Fitton, and one on the “First Priority for a Social Media Strategy.” SlideShare has a good search feature, and most presentations are labeled with appropriate keywords.

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