10 Tips to Successfully Running a Business With Your Spouse


you've considered going into business with your partner, it's a big decision, and not always the right one.

6 WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Business Website


For a lot of businesses operating online, it’s hard to imagine the internet without WordPress. For those that might not know, WordPress is a content management system known for its robust feature set and ease of deployment. Its popularity has led to the service gaining over 14 billion new pages every month, due in large part to its ease [...]

90% of Small Businesses Use Facebook, 69% Use Twitter


Facebook is the social media choice of small businesses, with Twitter ranking a strong second. First Facebook, and then Twitter, and then a Big Drop-Off According to a survey of 462 businesses (93% with less than 100 employees), 90% of the businesses surveyed are on Facebook and 69% tweet on Twitter. In fact, 32% post to Facebook [...]
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Is Search Engine Marketing Right for My Business?

Business owners with an online presence may find themselves wondering if they really need SEM, or if they can just get away with optimizing their site. While search engine marketing may not be for everyone, it is certainly something to consider if you want to boost your rankings. Search engine marketing requires more advanced techniques [...]

Building a Mobile App for Your Small Business

More businesses are finding benefit to having a mobile app for smart phone users. Are you one of them? Here’s your how-to guide for getting started. Assuming you’ve done your homework and determined that your small business would benefit from a mobile phone application, let’s look at the actual planning, execution and implementation process. Start With [...]

Checklist for Setting Up a Great Retail Space

Setting up a great retail space optimized for sales and traffic involves aesthetics and functionality. Get tips for setting up great retail space.

Building a Great Company Culture Without Forcing It

Companies that create the best cultures provide more than just perks. Here are several steps that any business can take for building company culture.

Key Safety Management Practices at the Workplace

Protecting your valuable business assets is one of the most important things you can do to ensure long-term success in your business. Therefore, implementing good safety management concepts is vital to the success of your company. Not setting good safety measures in place or failing to follow them could result in injury, death or any [...]