How to Build a Board of Advisors


Unlike a Board of Directors, an advisory board has no legal authority over a company. Founders, who typically take it upon themselves to appoint members of the advisory board, are free to take the advice of advisors or dismiss it. But by selecting advisors wisely, outlining their responsibilities early and keeping them well-informed, founders can create a [...]

The Difference Between Zoning, Building and Operational Permits

Most businesses require business owners to obtain a permit prior to operating. Finding the right types of permits needed can be difficult. Some businesses require certain permits, while others may need another type of permit. A businesses location may have some bearing on the type of permits necessary. Acquiring the right permits can be confusing [...]

7 Businesses That Require Few if Any Licenses

Several types of businesses don’t require licenses or permits. In fact, most sole proprietorships and independent contractor positions don’t require licensing or permits unless they involve specific types of services. While these businesses may not require licensing or permits, an argument might be made, that optional licensing and permitting may offer certain advantages. At least [...]
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9 Types of Businesses That Require a Lot of Licenses

Some businesses do not require very many licenses. In fact, there are many businesses that don’t require any type of license at all. However, certain businesses require strict supervision from certain governmental organizations. The majority of these businesses have strict licensing requirements, as well. At least 9 types of businesses require numerous licenses and permits. [...]

Using Cease and Desist Letters to Protect Your Intellectual Property

A cease and desist letter can be an effective tool and the last line of defense for protecting your business' copyright, trademark, patentor other intellectual property (before resorting to more costly legal options). In short, a cease and desist letter is a formal request for another company or individual to stop an action that you deem to be an infringement [...]

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Learn To Build Your Own Business Website (March 14th)


Websites are unique tools that will allow your business to grow its customer base, while generating more revenue. Sure having a nice looking website is great, and at times it’s about moving the pixels on the screen to improve the design, but it CAN be about letting us show you how to get customers! Let [...]

The ASBDC and Intuit: Partners at a Critical Time


One of the goals of the Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) is “To help new entrepreneurs realize their dream of business ownership.” Intuit of course shares this vision. In fact, it runs so deep on our DNA that we've been close partners with the ASBDC since 2003. This year, Intuit is stepping up [...]