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Receive payments and easily record them in your books with QuickBooks Online

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Getting paid for your products and services is perhaps the most important (and exciting) part of running of a business. It is vital to track every dollar coming into and going out of your business so that you can make decisions that keep your business financially healthy. QuickBooks Online is # 1 in cloud accounting for small businesses1. It organizes all of your accounting and financial information in one central location so that you have the data you need to make smart business decisions. It is the easy way to manage your business's accounting activities such as bookkeeping, invoicing, billing, expense tracking, and more. QuickBooks Online also makes it easy to receive a payment on customer invoice. It uses intuitive screens to walk you step-by-step through the process to properly record and track the dollars coming into the business. Try QuickBooks Online for free and see how easy it is to receive a payment.

Easily receive a payment and record it in your books with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online makes it easy to receive a payment on a customer's invoice and record it properly in your books. Simply go to Customer > Receive Payment and choose the customer from the drop-down list that you will receive a payment from. Once you choose the customer, all of the corresponding open invoices appear in the Invoices and Outstanding Transactions section at the bottom of the screen. After you enter the date and payment amount, QuickBooks automatically applies the payment to the open balance listed to the right in this section. Finish by choosing the payment method and adding a reference number. You can even add a memo, if you'd like.

When you receive a payment from a customer, you likely deposited the money in the bank. QuickBooks Online mirrors your real-world transactions, so it's important that you select the bank account in which you deposited the payment. If you group all of your deposits and take them to the bank at once, you can choose "Group with other undeposited funds". Otherwise, choose the bank account from the drop-down list and you're finished. Click on Save and the payment you received is properly recorded and tracked in QuickBooks Online. It's the easy way to receive a payment from your customers. Try QuickBooks Online for free.

1 Based on number of paying users as of August 2012