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Sales receipt template

In traditional accounting practices, a sales receipt is recorded when a customer pays for goods or services. The sales receipt is the best way to record income received right now, and it also serves as a useful document for the customer. The sales receipt is proof that a purchase was made, what was bought, and how much was paid. Your customers may keep sales receipts for various reasons ranging from tax preparation to employer reimbursement. Each time a customer purchases goods or services, you should issue a sales receipt so that the customer has documentation and so that you can account for the sale in your accounting records.

QuickBooks Online is # 1 in cloud accounting for small businesses1. It organizes all of your accounting data in one central location so that you can track each dollar coming into and going out of your business. It makes bookkeeping, invoicing, billing, and other accounting tasks easy. QuickBooks Online includes a sales receipt template that makes issuing sales receipts fast and easy. In just a few clicks you can generate and print or email sales receipts that detail the products or services purchased, the date of the sale, the price paid, and any other relevant information. Each time you generate a sales receipt with QuickBooks Online, the transaction is automatically recorded for you in your accounting records. Try QuickBooks Online for free and see how easy it is to generate sales receipts.

Easily create sales receipts using the pre-installed sales receipt template in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online makes it easy to generate sales receipts so that you can record sales transactions in your accounting data and provide documentation for your customer's records. Sales receipts are similar to invoices except sales receipts change your cash balance while invoices trigger an accounts receivable balance. Sales receipts indicate that payment was received at the point of sale, and invoices signal that payment is due at a later date. If your customer pays for your goods and services immediately, a sales receipt is the best way to record the transaction while simultaneously providing your customer with documentation for their records.

QuickBooks Online makes it easy to generate sales receipts and then print or email them in just a few clicks. Simply go to Customers > Sales Receipt and choose the customer from the drop-down list. If you don't have the customer already setup in your system, you can create the customer record in seconds. Then, complete the fields on the screen and the sales receipt template is populated with your data. Be sure to select how you were paid (via check, cash or credit card) and choose where to deposit the funds. Remember, the sales receipt should mirror the real-world transaction, so select the bank account in which you deposited the money. When you're finished, you can either print the sales receipt or email it directly to your customer.

QuickBooks Online makes it easy to create customized sales receipts and include notes or other messages for your customers. You can easily customize sales receipts to include quantity, rate, sales tax, and other fields, and you can even add your company's logo and contact information. QuickBooks Online is the easy way to generate and send sales receipts. Try it for free today.

1 Based on number of paying users as of August 2012