Get ready for sales to sky rocket

Salesforce for QuickBooks plugs the #1 sales app into the #1 small business accounting software.*

Salesforce for QuickBooks can help you increase your sales, improve your marketing, deliver exceptional customer service, and keep an eye on your business. Just enter data in one place and itís updated in the other, saving you time and trouble.

  • Average percentage improvements reported by customers

    Average percentage improvements reported by customers.

    Source: Customer Relationship Survey Results,
    May 2011 CustomerStat by MarketTools Inc.

    Power up your sales

    Keep track of all your customer touch points so you have a 360-degree view of each customer. Salesforce for QuickBooks puts everything you need to know about customers, including sales histories, open balances and credit limits at your fingertips. You can attach multiple contacts and deals to a company and access real-time product pricing and availability information through QuickBooks. With Salesforce for QuickBooks, you can talk to customers and have the details that are critical to closing the sale right when you need them.

  • Pinpoint your marketing

    Close the gap between marketing and sales. Salesforce for QuickBooks makes it easy to track and cultivate leads from all types of marketing initiatives. Tie together email or direct mail campaigns, online or print advertising, referrals, tradeshows or seminars, and from social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Real time dashboards and reports help you measure performance across all marketing channels so you can pinpoint which channels are most effective.

  • Deliver outstanding service

    Whether itís a prospect or a customer, you can see all the interactions theyíve had with your company. See what products they are interested in or what they already own. You can even find out if theyíve made a support call or warranty claim, and create activities to follow up with customers on certain dates or times. Help your sales team by reducing surprises with notes on past sales, whatís been delivered, and if there are any open issues.

  • Make smarter business decisions

    Salesforce for QuickBooks empowers you to measure performance across all marketing channels so you can pinpoint which channels are most effective. Real-time dashboards and reports keep you up-to-date with your sales teamís progress, track opportunities, manage the pipeline, improve forecasts, set quotas, and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships. Succeed like never before.

  • Integrate seamlessly

    Salesforce for QuickBooks automatically syncs information between your QuickBooks Company file and your Salesforce account.

    By connecting sales data with your accounting data, you can make better business decisions, see sales patterns, know which products are getting the most service calls and warranty claims, and better forecast the product mix when making purchasing decisions.