Create Sales Receipts in QuickBooks

Do you sell items or services to customers and get paid on the spot? Learn how to create sales receipts in QuickBooks.

Open Sales Receipt

Go to the Plus Sign Menu, and under Customers choose Sales Receipt.

Enter Your Customer's Name

Enter the name of the customer who is paying you. If this is a new customer, click Save. You can also give them a generic label like “Internet Sales.”

Enter Products or Services

Enter the products or services you provided for this customer and any information about this product or service. If this is a new product or service, type it in and click Add. Enter information about this service.

Choose an Income Account

In the Product or Service Information window, choose the Income Account. This is not a bank account; it is a bookkeeping account. Click Save.

Enter Payment Method

Enter the Payment Method your customer used to pay you. If they paid by check, enter the check number into the Reference No. field.

Choose Bank Account

Under Deposit To, choose the bank account you deposited the money into. If you group this check with other checks and cash deposited simultaneously, choose Undeposited Funds.

Record the Deposit

Now you will need to record this collective deposit in QuickBooks. From the Homepage, go to the Plus Sign Menu, and under Other, choose Bank Deposit. Choose the right account and then enter it under Add New Deposits.