See your clients grow and your busy work shrink
with third-party apps for QuickBooks Online.


Introducing the Accountant Apps Program

Save time for you and your clients. Let third-party apps that integrate
with QuickBooks Online do the heavy lifting on tedious tasks. Spend less
time on manual work and more time growing your clients' bottom line.

Featured apps

Featured apps help you work smarter by automating manual data entry and streamlining your workflow.

Manage your clients' apps

Keep your clients' QuickBooks up-to-date with real time, accurate data.

Preferential pricing

Accountants get up to 25% off featured apps when you choose “firm is billed” at checkout.  Bill your clients for the value you add and keep the difference.

The Featured Apps

Top-rated solutions to automate painful, time-consuming tasks for you and your
clients. And with less manual entry, these apps will help your clients’ books have
more reliable, cleaner data.





Save hours in payroll processing time with automated time sheets, and reduce clients’ overall payroll costs with more accurate time tracking.




Perfect for field service management. Access client and job details, view staff locations and schedules, dispatch jobs, and generate quotes or invoices — from anywhere.


SOS Inventory


Built for QuickBooks Online from the ground up, for sales orders, assemblies, serial inventory, seamless order processing, and more, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing systems.




A CRM designed specifically for QuickBooks Online users, Method streamlines operations by consolidating customer history and accounting data, giving clients a 360° view of every customer.






Simplify employee expense reporting with receipt and mileage tracking, and company card reconciliation. Also customize how expenses are coded to QuickBooks Online.





The easiest way to send and receive business payments to and from 96+ countries. No wire fees, competitive foreign exchange and free tracking for your payments.




Get daily cash flow projections and visualizations so clients and their accountants can spot potential issues before they happen.


Excel Transactions Importer


Extract accurate Excel data and seamlessly import it right into QuickBooks Online.




Automate client reporting, KPIs, BI and processing QBO files with Qvinci. Eliminate unbillable tasks, and improve firm workflow and collaboration through a centralized management portal.


Pay with Bolt


Invoices paid online using your merchants' payment provider of choice. Automatically record those payments against an invoice, saving time.




AutoEntry accurately automates data entry from bank statements, bills, invoices, expenses, receipts and more, into QuickBooks software.

Add these apps to take your practice to the next level

Connect featured apps through the Apps tab.


How does an app become a Featured App?

Accountant Apps Program apps are:   

  • Fully compatible with QuickBooks Online
  • Highly rated and reviewed by accounting professionals
  • Highly recommended by accountants (as measured by accountants setting up for clients)
  • Support single sign on with your QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Accountant credentials
  • Support multiple clients mapped to individual instances of QuickBooks Online when set up through QuickBooks Online Accountant

Frequently asked questions

Who can add apps for clients?

The program’s featured apps are available to accountants when they purchase apps on behalf of their clients. This means they must choose “Install for your client” and the “Firm is billed” checkout option. Only Master Administrators of the QuickBooks Online Accountant firm will have access to add apps on behalf of clients. Full access users will only be able to add apps to the firm, but not on behalf of their clients.

Where can I find these apps?

1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online Accountant firm.

2. Select the Apps tab from the left nav bar.

3. You can see apps with discounts in the “Great deals on apps trusted by our ProAdvisors” section or by searching for TSheets, Expensify, Method:CRM, SOS Inventory, Float, Circulus, ServiceM8, or Excel Transactions Importer in the “Search apps” bar in the “Find apps” section.

Are the apps free for the firm?

When you buy a subscription for your client through the apps program, you will get a free account to access and manage your client’s app. Right now, there are no discounts or free accounts available to install for the firm (outside of buying for the client).

Who do I call if I have a billing issue?

Please reach out to QuickBooks Online Accountant support for any billing issues. Our app developers will not be able to address billing issues.

Will my clients see anything different in QuickBooks Online?

No. Apps connected on behalf of your clients will be visible only in your QuickBooks Online Accountant Apps tab. Clients will not be able to access apps that you have connected through their QuickBooks Online Apps tab. Any apps connected as part of the tasks may sync the data between the third-party app and QuickBooks Online client company.

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Important offers, pricing details, & disclaimers
  1. Only users with Master Admin access have the ability to purchase and connect featured apps at preferential pricing on behalf of clients.