Become Your Firm’s Marketing Expert with the Marketing Hub

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Become your firm’s marketing expert with the Marketing Hub

Many small businesses can’t afford a full-time marketing professional, which means that any knowledge you can bring to the table will be hugely beneficial to your business. Whether you’ve dabbled in marketing strategy before or you’re brand new to marketing entirely, there’s plenty of useful content in the Marketing Hub for every professional.

If you’re a QuickBooks Online Accountant or Intuit Professional Tax customer, you get free access to exclusive Hub content. If you’re not, learn more about QuickBooks Online Accountant here or Intuit Professional Tax solutions here.

If you are a member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program or use an Intuit Professional Tax solution, you may receive special discounts through the Marketing Hub. If you don’t, learn more about the ProAdvisor Program here or Intuit’s tax solutions here

Improve your marketing and grow your firm

The Marketing Hub is set up to walk you through each stage of a client relationship, and the four primary tabs let you navigate through each step of the journey:

  • Set Your Strategy

Take stock of the strengths of your business, survey the competitive landscape and build a winning marketing strategy to help you get ahead. We recommend starting with this article to learn how to find your niche and turn it into more revenue for your business.

  • Get Leads

Identify potential customers, generate interest, and turn that interest into valuable relationships and purchases. We recommend starting with this guide to learn how to generate online leads.

  • Onboard Clients

Welcome new clients and help them get the most out of your services to start your relationship off on the right foot. We recommend taking a look at this article describing the benefits of using a new client checklist.

  • Stay Connected

Keep clients engaged, maintain strong relationships and encourage future purchases to help you provide the most value to each client. We recommend this template to help you leverage client newsletter relationships into reputation-boosting reviews.

Organized resources

Within the Marketing Hub you’ll find curated collections of resources, called stacks, that all focus on a specific topic or area of interest. Each stack provides you with start-to-finish guidance on a particular subject, staying with you every step of the way to help you succeed. Here are a few great stacks we recommend to get you started: 

Email Stack

Get started with the Intuit Marketing Hub by using the end-to-end email stack. Use these resources to improve your emailing skills with professional templates, helpful tips and much more.

Social Media Stack

Social media can play a critical role in differentiating your firm and connecting with potential clients. Check out our favorite educational articles and guides for using social media to grow your practice.

Onboarding Stack

Help get your clients started on the right foot with a checklist, guide and email template, each focused on onboarding new clients.

Website Stack

Whether you’re building your own site from the ground up or paying someone else to build it for you, use these resources to help you recognize design trends, proven strategies and what makes the great websites great.

Pricing Stack

Setting price points that balance profit with competitiveness can sometimes be a daunting challenge. Use these resources to find strategies for analyzing your current customers’ behavior to find the pricing sweet spot.

Marketing Planning Stack

Spread the word with a marketing plan designed to highlight what makes you stand out from the crowd. Use these resources to critically analyze your business and turn your insight into tangible marketing actions.

Referrals Stack

Even when you’re great at what you do, asking for referrals can still be intimidating. Use these resources to help leverage your skills and relationships into word-of-mouth momentum for your business.

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