Client Dashboard

See which clients need your attention,
review deadlines, and save time with
one-click access to each client's books.


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Change can be hard. But it can also be rewarding. Learn to harness the time-saving rewards of the new Client Dashboard with the QuickBooks Accountant Welcome Guide.


Client Details

Quickly check details about client–related activities before going into each client's books.

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Client Details

The new Client Dashboard is your portal
to a more efficient workflow.
If it’s on your to-do list, it’s in your Client Dashboard.



Review the status of all your
clients, whether or not they use QuickBooks.

NEW Easily view which clients are on Wholesale.



Track which clients need attention and why.



Customize how your client list is displayed.

NEW Choose exactly how much detail you want to see.



Access any QuickBooks
Online client's books or payroll with one click.




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with the Client Dashboard.