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Tips and tricks to save you even more time


For those looking to reach max efficiency, these QuickBooks Online Accountant productivity hacks can help you take time-saving to the next level.


Get to know the keyboard shortcuts

Discover a handy list of keyboard shortcuts within QuickBooks Online by hitting Con-trol + Alt + ? on your keyboard. Some of the most commonly used shortcuts designed to save you time are below.

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Create an invoice

Group 2

Search transactions

Module 2d

Print your screen

Module 2e

Mark an expense

Module 2f
View your Chart of Accounts
Module 2g

Find answers to questions

Module 2h

Cut a check

Module 2i

View a list of customers



View multiple windows

Open tabs within your browser to view information from multiple clients books or compare them side-by-side.

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Set repeating projects

For work that recurs regularly, like monthly bookkeeping tasks, setup repeating projects to automatically manage the work.

Get QuickBooks for Mac and Windows

Have access to QuickBooks Online Accountant, right from your desktop. Download our free desktop app to experience faster load times, drag-and-drop multiple windows and even more keyboard shortcuts. 14% faster than Chrome on average*

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