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4 Simple Ways You Can Be More Productive Today

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Productivity isn’t a challenge specific to the easily-distracted. Time flies regardless of who you are, what you do or what’s on your to-do list. Prioritizing tasks and managing time can be difficult for many people. To make the most of your day, it’s a good idea to find ways to work efficiently. These simple productivity tips can help you accomplish more goals in a short time period.

Set Digital Boundaries

Do you find yourself checking your email multiple times a day? Of the times you interrupt your current task to check email, how many emails did you read that were actually important? The same applies when it comes to checking social media and how easy it is to unconsciously spend hours watching funny videos. Digital distractions are just that. Setting digital boundaries is an effective way to stay focused.

There are a few ways to set digital boundaries. The first is creating your own parameters. For instance, you could limit your email to first thing in the morning, at lunch and before you stop working for the day. You might limit social media to after hours. If you find setting structured rules for yourself is difficult, you could download a social media blocker or website blocker or browser extension.

Work, Recover, Refuel

Concentrating on a task for too long can be mentally and physically exhausting. To keep from getting too tired or bored with important tasks, consider working for a certain number of minutes at a time, say 45-60 minutes, taking a break or eating a healthy snack and getting back to work. Taking a break allows you to rest and a healthy snack gives you the brain fuel you need to focus when you get back to your desk.

Use Productivity Apps

Your smart device can be a digital distraction, or it could be your best friend when it comes to productivity. Here are some of the top productivity apps:

  • Chasing around scraps of paper can take a bite out of your workday. From business meeting notes to presentation ideas, Evernote, a digital notebook app, lets you add and quickly access the things you might jot down on paper digitally, for a more efficient workday.
  • Cloud accounting apps from QuickBooks Online helps you stay on top of your business’s financial health without spending half the day at your accountant’s office. With just a few clicks, you can track sales, create and send invoices, and generate reports from anywhere in the world.
  • Focusing on one task at a time is an effective way to be more productive. The app FocusList helps you start and stop one task at a time without interruptions, a practice which helps you get more things done in a day.
  • Use a website blocker to prevent you from spending time on your favorite time-sucks. Apps like FocusMe or Cold Turkey Blocker could help.
  • A time monitoring app like Moment or Hours will help you keep tabs on the time you spend with weekly reporting of how you’ve spent your time.


Keep Your Work Space Tidy

Neat and clean work spaces actually improve productivity. Going paperless is an effective way to keep your work space neat. You might prefer to have someone else do the actual cleaning. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to schedule a cleaning crew to visit your offices two to three times per week.

You started out your business enthusiastic about making your mark. Actively planning to be productive is the best way to ensure you achieve the success you’ve always dreamed about.

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