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product update

February 2022 Product Update

Automated bank to bank transfer matching

QuickBooks Online

Connecting your bank accounts to QuickBooks gives you a full view of your business finances and allows you to automate many day-to-day accounting tasks. Doing so also allows QuickBooks to reveal insights to help you better manage your business, including cash flow predictions.

In the past, having multiple connected accounts, and transfers between those accounts, could lead to scenarios requiring manual intervention. For example: in order to account for a bank transfer from “connected account X” to “connected account Y”, users first needed to add the transfer from account X and then find a match on account Y. A similar issue existed when accounting for a payment from a connected bank account to a connected credit card.

To help save time, we’ve developed automated bank to bank transfer matching. Identifying high-confidence matches of such transfers across your connected bank accounts, so when you add one to QuickBooks, the mirroring transaction is auto-matched to the added transaction and marked as “reviewed”, automating the manual work you used to do yourself and giving you more time to run your business.

Learn more about connecting your bank accounts to QuickBooks Online.


Transaction Collaboration + Client Requests and Notes updates

QuickBooks Online Accountant

We know that when completing compliance work, understanding the context of client transactions and gathering supporting documents are two of the biggest challenges faced by advisors. To address these pains, we’ve launched Transaction Collaboration and have updated Client Requests and Notes.

In a nutshell: We’ve reimagined how you capture missing information from your clients and collaborate seamlessly with your team, all without leaving QuickBooks.

Transaction Collaboration lets you request missing transaction-level information from Transaction Review in the Books Review workflow. Simply send your client a request for missing transaction-level details within QuickBooks Online, and they can enter the information right in QuickBooks. You’ll receive a notification and can review the added information within Books Review.

The updated Client Request feature allows you to view and send requests from your clients’ books, ensuring all information is at your fingertips, right within your workflow. Access client requests from any tab within Books Review.

The updated Notes feature lets you create threaded notes with rich text formatting, so that you can collaborate seamlessly with your team and share visibility on important details.

Grow Your Business with QuickBooks

Chart of accounts QuickReport optimisation

QuickBooks Online Accountant

We’ve enhanced the COA reports experience, adding a “Change account” quick select menu to the COA QuickReport view. This makes life easier for advisors that need to jump between reports when reviewing multiple accounts.

Balance Sheet Account Ordering

QuickBooks Online Accountant

In a small update that will put smiles on the faces of advisors around Australia, we’ve updated the order of accounts on our balance sheets. When viewing a balance sheet, you will now see “Bank Accounts” and then “Accounts Receivable” ordered sequentially (as they should be!).

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