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Practice management at its best with Intuit QuickBooks

Hailing from the island paradise of Fiji, Adarsh Dutt, co-founder of forward-thinking accounting practice Oyster Hub, is approachable, easy-going and friendly in nature. These are characteristics that have helped him thrive in business, especially during the COVID period.

“I don't stress easily, in fact we care and are focused more on nature than material things. I am a very happily married man with a lovely wife who really complements me and my style. We work together well and that makes us an ideal match. We both love our involvement in various charities and other activities like camping, hiking and four-wheel driving,” says Dutt.

“These activities helped us get through the COVID period. Balance is a very important part of my life and I love exploring new destinations all around the great Australian backyard. From the moment I came to this country I absolutely fell in love with the land, the people and the diversified cultural backgrounds of so many Australians,” he adds.

Dutt’s passion for numbers began at a young age. “As a kid, I loved the challenge of balanced ledgers. My dad used to own a sugar cane farm and, as a very young schoolboy, I was responsible for paying our cane cutters’ wages. It was truly the best time of my life trying to work out how much to pay, the bonus to which they were entitled and putting their pay in yellow envelopes to hand to them. The joy on their faces made me realise problem-solving and making people's lives easier was my calling. So I moved to Australia at just 17 to study for a bachelor's degree in business and commerce.”

Wizardry is an art, accountancy is a craft

As an accountant, Dutt says a wizard is a fitting persona for the way he works.

“I am dedicated to helping people to overcome their challenges. I don't have magical powers. But, through years of experience, and being privileged to have so many knowledgeable colleagues around me, I combine the gamut of my personal and business experiences to solve problems and direct business owners to find their own pearl in life.”

Dutt says every day, business owners come to him, and often they have very similar challenges. “They sometimes forget why they went into business and get sucked into working in their business, not on it. I help to unravel those barriers and get them back on track so they can achieve their business goals. I like to start helping my clients to succeed as soon as I can. I consider myself the bridge to their success. There is a solution to every problem. As a wizard, I connect the solutions to the clients’ problems, to help them achieve their business goals.”

Juggling the day-to-day

Just like his clients, Dutt has to juggle multiple priorities every day. Much of his time is spent managing client deadlines and tasks and reviewing client files and data. He is also focused on managing and growing his business, training staff on new and innovative software and automating processes. Clients are also constantly top of mind.

“Client management and client expectation management are key elements in any business. This means it’s vital our staff stay on top of daily, weekly and quarterly deadlines. We manage our workloads based on our clients’ timeframes, needs and requirements. It’s also a balancing act to make sure there’s a match between the services our clients pay for and the services we deliver,” he says.

Intuit QuickBooks to the rescue

State-of-the art technology such as Intuit QuickBooks underscores Dutt’s work and success. The software’s practice management tool, QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA),  delivers functionality such as client collaboration, workflow management, time tracking and client billing to help him run his business effectively.

“QuickBooks Online Accountant is the cornerstone of our practice and allows us to manage our business in real-time,” he explains.

The status of client jobs, tasks allocated to team members and practice performance reports can all be easily found on the QBOA dashboard, which helps Dutt and his team to skillfully manage their workload and streamline client collaborations within the web-based software. Team members can send messages to clients within the platform, securely share and access documents and track the status of requests, all in one place. Speciality tools such as Karbon integrate to QBOA to provide sophisticated collaboration within the practice. 

“With Intuit QuickBooks Online Accountant we can efficiently communicate with clients and always have insight into what they have requested, what they have received and what still needs to be completed,” he adds.

Dutt has drawn on training and live videos tutorials to ensure he understands the full power of the software. This has allowed him to appreciate all the software’s practice management features, and to progressively bring all his clients into Intuit QuickBooks’ system.

His advice to other accountants thinking about their future practice needs or just starting on their business journey is to embrace a software solution like Intuit QuickBooks. 

“You need top-notch software and systems if you’re starting a business in 2022 so you can embed efficiencies in your business from the outset. This will help you to manage and deliver client expectations and requirements in real-time. Constantly educate yourself so you understand new and future market systems, trends and methodologies. It’s also an idea to buddy up with like-minded professionals to share and collaborate so everyone’s business benefits.”

Intuit QuickBooks has a huge range of features to make accountants’ and bookkeepers’ practices more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable. Contact us today to find out more.

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