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Schedule Smarter with Job Management Software

This is a guest post from Andrew Crowe at simPRO.

As a field service business owner, one of the challenges you might face is managing expectations as you scale up the venture. As your customer base grows, you’ll need to change to cope with additional customer demands, increased orders, and more complex services you may now need to offer.

Your team and your systems need to be prepared to handle your business’ transformation – and efficient staff scheduling is vital.

Efficient Staff Scheduling

Fortunately, advances in technology have brought with them job management systems that assist with many aspects of a business’ workflow, such as scheduling technicians, contractors, and even equipment. The most efficient scheduling software allows you to view your team’s availability at a glance, and ensures you send the nearest technician – with the required materials – to the right job on time every time.

Job management software with field capabilities means that technicians can view their schedules on their mobile devices, removing their need to drop by or call the office every day. Field technicians can also issue invoices and take payment on site as soon as a job is complete.

Clarity Provides a Higher Level of Control

Job management softwares with extensive scheduling features gives business owners and project managers more control over their company’s resources. Since you’ll now have a clearer perspective of your capacity as a team at any given time, you can look for ways to eliminate wasted time and costs, such as unnecessary transport or back-and-forth clarifications of appointments. Easily plot your daily, weekly, and monthly workflow to make the most of every resource.

More Time to Improve Business

When you’re scheduling your staff more efficiently, your team’s performance is likely to improve too. Since you’re saving time scheduling customer appointments, you’ll be able to focus on the more strategic side of workforce management, and may find it easier to monitor and review each technician or contractor’s performance.

This level of detail will help you roll out initiatives that increase your team’s motivation and attitudes, improve their output, and even guide them toward specialisation. With specialists in your team, you’ll earn even more trust, respect, and support from your customer base and industry.

As your business grows, your team and your systems need to be prepared to handle its transformation. Job management software with staff scheduling features can assist a field service business owner in managing additional customer demands, increased orders, and more complex services.

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