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How to convert web traffic into leads, sales & loyalty for your business

Jeff Bullas

How to convert web traffic



Great design and sleek navigation are not enough to convince people to give your business a try, Intuit and global digital thought leader Jeff Bullas have teamed up to show you simple steps to your online success.



You need to provide your prospects with more than just a fancy looking website if you want them to convert into customers and become loyal advocates for your brand.



This e-book is the 3rd part of an e-book series on digital marketing, that will bring together the learnings about the power of digital content in driving sales (e-book 1) and the art of attracting visitors to your website (e-book 2), to help you convert your website visitors and content into actual business results.



You will uncover the secrets of copywriting, art, technology, and business automation, so that you can use digital marketing as a means for generating leads, sales and loyalty for your business.



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