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2018-05-10 18:07:17Advice for EntrepreneursEnglishWhile we can all agree that being a freelancer is the world’s best job, there are some things that only people in the biz can understand....https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/05/iStock-628295372.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/advice-for-entrepreneurs/10-things-only-a-freelancer-would-understand/10 Things Only A Freelancer Would Understand | QuickBooks Australia

10 things only a freelancer would understand

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While we can all agree that being a freelancer is the world’s best job, there are some things that only people in the biz can understand. From the relaxed work hours to infrequent paychecks, it takes guts to be a freelancer, but the perks are most certainly worth it. Here are 10 things only a freelancer would understand.

1 Getting paid on time is a luxury

While salary workers can countdown the hours to when their next paycheck drops into their lap, freelancers have to chase outstanding invoices if they want to pay their rent on time.

Young woman with a piggy bank on a pink background

2 People think you have no job

Explaining your job to people is almost impossible. Regardless of how hard you try, they see you at home on the couch and assume you’re two cents away from being unemployed.

Top view of woman sitting in park on the green grass with laptop

3 Your friends are secretly jealous

While your friends are stuck on a train in peak hour or suffering the spite of a miserable boss, you’ve got your feet up with Netflix playing in the background.

Businessman working on a laptop laughing

4 There are no sweeter words than ‘free Wi-Fi’

From your neighbourhood coffee shop to your favourite beach, anywhere that has Wi-Fi is a potential office-for-a-day.

Young woman sitting at the beach, using her laptop

5 Afternoon naps are a regular occurrence

When your comfortable bed is just a few metres away, it’s only inevitable that a cheeky nap becomes a daily habit.

A young girl is sleeping on the sofa in the room.

6 You’ve completely lost the ability to budget

One minute you’re trying to find coins underneath the couch cushions, the next, you’re rolling in cash and planning a holiday to Bali.

Happy young woman checking bills at home sitting on sofa

7 Weekends…what are those?

Say goodbye to Monday to Friday hours, now working is an every day thing.

A dad tries to multitask in the office with work and parenting and finds it frustrating. The dad is sitting in his office holding two young daughters and talking on the phone with his laptop open on his desk.

8 Office attire is a thing of the past

Your uniform officially consists of sweatpants and oversized T-shirts. Oh and pyjamas.

young relaxed freelancer in pajamas working with laptop on couch

9 You always either over-quote or under-quote

You never quite know how many hours a project is going to take, which means you’re constantly feeling either ripped off or wickedly overpaid.

Happy young women is working

10 You’re the boss

You never have to report to a manager ever. And that’s why freelancing is the best gig of all.

happy funny guy with thumbs up

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