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2018-05-24 23:40:22Advice for EntrepreneursEnglishIf you’re an entrepreneur at heart chances are you know what it takes to think big and fail often. While there are many ups and downs to...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/05/iStock-680337088.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/advice-for-entrepreneurs/11-things-only-entrepreneurs-will-understand/11 Things Only Entrepreneurs Will Understand | QuickBooks Australia

11 things only entrepreneurs will understand

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Do you march to the beat of your own drum? Are you constantly thinking outside-of-the-box? If you’re an entrepreneur at heart chances are you know what it takes to think big and fail often. While there are many ups and downs to leading the way as an entrepreneur, you wouldn’t swap this life for anything. Here are 11 things that only fellow entrepreneurs will understand.

1. Brilliant ideas can strike at almost any time of the day

You’re known for disappearing mid-conversation because you just had the Best. Idea. EVER.

Beautiful young business woman thinking and looking up on blue background

2. You have a glass-half-full kind of attitude

You can’t help but see the possibilities.

Portrait of a young man giving thumbs up

3. Practicing your elevator pitch is a daily ritual

You’re ready to wow anyone at any time.

Presentation by businessman in office

4. Your friends aren’t sure your ideas will work

But you try to convince them anyway.

Bored girl listening to her friend having a conversation sitting on a couch in the living room at home

5. The thought of working 9-5 makes you shutter

The same office, the same cubicle, the same work day-in-day-out? No, thank you!

Young woman working on laptop

6. Risking everything is always an option

While others are slowly building their wealth, you’re more than happy to risk it all.

7. You can’t sit still

There’s too many exciting ideas to explore.

Young man with sunglasses jumping in front of a yellow wall ( freedom )

8. Meeting new people is your favourite thing to do

You love hearing new stories and being inspired by others.

Three businesswomen are enjoying glasses of wine at a bar after work.

9. Brainstorming is a way of life

You’re always thinking about how you can be doing business better.

Post-it notes on desk with laptop

10. You’re used to hearing the word ‘no’

But it just means you’re one step closer to ‘yes’. 

Picture including copy space for text

11. Work is a 24/7 all day thing

You can’t stop thinking about it.

Businessman working on a laptop laughing

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