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2018-07-19 18:47:48Funny BusinessEnglishAre you a remote worker? While you may love the occasional sleep-in or early Friday finish, not everything about being able to work from...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/07/iStock-901486118-1.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/funny-business/10-things-only-remote-workers-will-understand/10 Things Only Remote Workers Will Understand | QuickBooks Australia

10 things only remote workers will understand

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Are you a remote worker? While you may love the occasional sleep-in or early Friday finish, not everything about being able to work from home is rosy. In fact, sometimes it can be hard working solo. Here are 10 things only remote workers will understand.

1 BYO treats and drinks

Colleague’s birthday? Friday drinks? You might be able to dial in to the office celebrations but you’ll have to bring your own cake and beer.

Portrait of beautiful girl with chocolate donuts.

2 You miss the office goss

Who’s dating who? Who wore matching clothes? Who brought in the smelly lunch? You miss all the office chatter as a remote worker.

Young lady learning forward trying to hear

3 You have no reason to buy office attire

You’re just lucky if your pants and shirt are clean.

young relaxed freelancer in pajamas working with laptop on couch

4 Falling asleep is a real possibility

Without a boss looking over your shoulder, falling asleep at your desk or on the couch is a remote working hazard.

Young girl falling asleep on desk

5 Awkward meet-ups

You might chat and video call every other week, but when you finally meet your colleagues in person, it’s really awkward.

Man and woman sitting on couch awkwardly

6 The forgotten invites

The birthday parties, the mid-year celebrations, the work drinks – as a remote worker, your invite always seems to get lost in the mail.

Young woman with festive hat and whistle at party fills disappointment

7 The guilt factor

Always having to prove you are actually working means you feel guilty if you take a lunch break or go offline for 5 minutes.

Portrait young woman in awkward situation, playing nervously with hands.

8 Being the last to know everything

Forget about getting news hot off the press, you’re lucky if you find out someone’s leaving before they’ve actually left.

Young business man scratching head

9 No more free stationary

When you do make a rare trip into the office, you have to snag all all the colourful post-its, pens and highlighters you can.

Excited girl throwing post-its

10 Becoming a cat or dog person

Spending so much time on your own means you’ve officially become a cat and dog lover – after all, who else do you have to talk to all day?

A portrait of a happy man with a cat

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