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2018-04-18 23:41:16Funny BusinessEnglishWhile some of us have been waiting ALL year to hit that button and submit our tax return, others would rather be doing, well, anything...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/04/thingsyoudratherbedoing13.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/funny-business/11-things-youd-rather-be-doing-than-your-tax-return/11 Things You'd Rather Be Doing Than Your Tax | QuickBooks Australia

11 things you’d rather be doing than your tax return

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Tax time is right around the corner. While some of us have been waiting ALL year to hit that button and submit our tax return, others would rather be doing, well, anything other than their taxes. Instead of digging through shoe boxes full of faded receipts, and desperately trying to crunch the numbers, here are 11 things you’d rather be doing than your tax return.

1. Burpees

Hello gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing exercises.

Man in exercise gear

2. Cleaning the bathroom

And welcome to the wonderful world of mould.

Hands with gloves cleaning bathroom sink

3. Using dial-up internet

No need to rush, you’ve got nowhere to be.

Man with hands on face

4. Going on a gluten-free diet

No bread, no pasta, no reason to wake up in the morning.

Girl eating a piece of lettuce

5. Attending a 6am bootcamp

Yes let’s run around in the dirt, while everyone else is still sleeping.

People running through tyres outside

6. Trying on all your clothes that don’t fit anymore

It’s so much fun to see how much you’ve grown.

Overweight man trying to zip up his pants

7. Getting stuck in an elevator

Because everyone loves small, confined spaces.

Elevator with orange cone out the front

8. Having your wisdom teeth pulled

General anaesthetic and a visit to the dentist all in one day.

Man with a toothache

9. Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room

Don’t forget to read all the germy magazines.

Three people sitting in a waiting room

10. Chatting to a telemarketer

Hopefully they’ll call right when your dinner is ready.

Guy holding a mobile phone with glasses

11. Taking public transport

Any time, any where.

Crowded bus

The solution?

Spend more time on the things you love and let us take care of the books. With the ability to snap and store receipts, send invoices on-the-go and track mileage, QuickBooks is a no-fuss way to show tax time who’s boss.

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