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2018-07-05 21:16:52Funny BusinessEnglishDo you love office life? While it certainly has it perks, sometimes the lure of working from home is just all too real. Staying in your...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/07/iStock-682582626.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/funny-business/15-times-we-wished-we-worked-from-home/15 Times We Wished We Worked From Home | QuickBooks Australia

15 times we wished we worked from home

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Do you love office life? While it certainly has it perks, sometimes the lure of working from home is just all too real. Staying in your pyjamas all day with a leisurely commute to the couch? We are so there. Here are 15 times we wished we worked from home.  

1 When it’s your birthday

And you just want to sleep in.

Sleepy girl looking at alarm clock and trying to hide

2 When the train breaks down

And it takes you an hour and a half to make it into the office.

Shocked male after checking the time at the train station.

3 When your washing is out of control

And you’d love to do a few loads in your lunch break.

Woman washing clothes at home

4 When you’re on a diet

And there’s free cake in the office ALL. THE. TIME.

Young girl eyeing off a pink donut

5 When you’ve run out of clean clothes

And you just want to stay in your pyjamas all day.

Young woman hold pile of clothes.

6 When it’s raining

And you can’t find your umbrella.

Businessman Catching Taxi in Storm

7 When you have a serious deadline

And don’t want to be distracted by office gossip.

Portrait of a student woman at the desk, frowned

8 When you’ve got a new haircut

And you’re not sure if you like it yet.

Young girl with brown hair messy

9 When it’s flu season

And all your colleagues are sick.

Young man blowing nose at the office

10 When your car won’t start

And you just can’t face public transport.

Woman angry because of her car's failed engine

11 When you’re craving a midday Big Mac

And don’t want to be judged.

Woman eating a hamburger

12 When you’re learning yoga

And you really want to practice your new moves. 

Fitness woman working out on yoga mat

13 When you get a new manager

And have to be on your best behaviour 24/7.

Business colleagues working together on a computer in an office.

14 When you start a detox

And you’re seriously hangry. And a little delirious.

Young woman holding knife and fork and empty plate

15 When you’re addicted to a new TV show

And you just want to watch one. more. episode.

Young man with a surprised face changing channels

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