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2018-07-12 18:42:56Funny BusinessEnglishStarting your own business, also known as living the dream, can be an exciting yet scary ride. As you become your own boss and start making...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/07/iStock-502177178.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/funny-business/8-unexpected-ways-owning-a-small-business-changes-you/8 Unexpected Ways Owning A Small Business Changes You | QuickBooks Australia

8 unexpected ways owning a small business changes you

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Starting your own business, also known as living the dream, can be an exciting yet scary ride. As you become your own boss and start making big decisions, life changes – most of the time, for the better. Here are eight unexpected ways owning a small business changes you.

1 You’ve become a morning person

No longer overwhelmed with dread at the prospect of going to work, you now wake up with a spring in your step.

Woman breathing holding a coffee mug at home

2 You’re a finance whiz

Having to do your own books means you’re now a whiz when it comes to tax, BAS and super.

Smiling man showing a calculator

3 You cringe at the thought of a holiday

While others are dreaming of lazy days at the beach, you know anytime you’re not working, you’re not making any money. #goodbyeannualleave

Man looking puzzled holding a mobile phone

4 You can never remember what day it is

Is it Monday? Or Sunday? You don’t know anymore because work is just an all day, every day thing.

Young man with a confused look

5 You’re a little more thrifty

Watching every dollar that comes in and every dollar that goes out means you’re a little more tight with your purse strings.

Young women throwing dollar bills

6 You make friends more easily

Every time you meet another small business owner, you’ve got an endless list of things to talk about.

Women are sitting at a table in a cafe, socialising over tea.

7 You’re addicted to your smartphone

Gone are the days when finishing work mean’t switching off at 5pm, now you take your work with you wherever you go. 

Young man texting message on smart phone isolated on grey background. Smiling latin man holding smartphone and looking at it. Happy hispanic man writing a message on the phone.

8 You have more confidence

Now that you’ve branched out on your own, you’ve realised you CAN do this.

Young blonde girl shows her strength on red background

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