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2018-10-14 23:13:21How To Run Your BusinessEnglishDoes your business employee freelancers? Freelancers are not ingrained in your company culture, nor are they completely familiar with your...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/07/iStock-655801842-1.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/how-to-run-your-business/5-tips-for-working-with-freelancers/5 Tips For Working With Freelancers | QuickBooks Australia

5 tips for working with freelancers

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Does your business employ freelancers? Whether they’re working remotely or in-house, the relationship with freelancers is different to permanent employees. Freelancers are not ingrained in your company culture, nor are they completely familiar with your brand promises, products or services. Whether they’ve come onboard for one day or are sticking around long term, here are five tips for working with freelancers.

1 Introduce them to your brand

You may have brought them on for a side project or for an extra pair of helping hands, but before your freelancer gets stuck into their tasks, take a moment to introduce them to your brand. Show them why you do what you do and what your brand stands for. Also run through your target audience and who you are talking to. It’s important that even freelancers understand why they are doing what they are doing. It will also help them feel more connected to your brand and business.

2 Create a written brief

Too many people talk to freelancers about what they need without providing anything in writing. It’s important that you give your freelancer a comprehensive brief that provides ample information about the project, their tasks and your business as a whole. Not only will this help provide context, but it gives them a document to refer back to if they have any questions. This will be particularly helpful if your freelancer is working remotely and can’t always get in contact with you.

3 Set achievable deadlines

One thing to remember when working with freelancers, is that it is highly likely that they’ll be working across different brands and multiple projects. Take that into account when you set your deadlines. Obviously, your freelancer needs to come to the party and respect your project time frames, but it has to be a two-way street. Make sure you clearly communicate these deadlines at the start of the project, so everyone is clear on what needs to be delivered when.

4 Give feedback

Every brand and business is different. In the beginning, you may need to offer some constructive feedback to make sure your freelancer is on the same page and is successfully completing work to your standard. If there are areas of improvement, give feedback, particularly in the early stages of your partnership. Also ask if there are any suggestions or feedback that your freelancer may have, so you can learn and grow together.

5 Communicate often

It’s important to communicate with your freelancer/s often so they are kept in the loop. If there are any major changes to your brand or business, don’t forget to let them know. Drop them a line and ask how they are going, but be careful not to micromanage. And don’t forget to let your freelancer know the best way to get in contact with you or who their best point of contact is, so they can reach out if they have any questions.

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