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2016-04-05 00:00:00How To Run Your BusinessEnglishSpringday founder Georgie Drury shares her experience with QuickBooks Online and the rewards the business has reaped as a result of using...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2017/01/FuelSmallBizAu-Georgie-Drury-from-SpringDay.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/how-to-run-your-business/georgie-drury-springday/#FuelSmallBizAu: Georgie Drury from SpringDay

#FuelSmallBizAu: Georgie Drury from SpringDay

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Springday founder and CEO Georgie Drury shares her company’s challenges, her experience with QuickBooks Online and the rewards the business has reaped as a result of using the technology.

Georgie DrurySelf-described as a “tech geek in trainers”, Georgie Drury is founder and CEO of Springday, a cloud-based health and wellbeing platform for companies that want to help their employees on their wellbeing journeys. In her role, the busy Drury spends most of her time on business development: meeting clients and industry professionals, presenting at conferences and events, and winning the work so she can then hand it over to her team for project management and execution.

In 2008, Drury identified a need for wellbeing within the economy. “I wanted an innovative approach because we work at the intersection between HR technology and health and wellbeing,” she says. Drury has always been passionate about health and wellbeing, but her skills skewed to the technology side of things. So she launched Springday as a consumer platform in 2009, then white-labelled the corporate platform in 2012. The company provides cutting-edge technology to end users through an app.

“Through the Springday platform, you can organise everything from exercise and activity challenges to getting flu vaccines and connecting with your employee-assistance program. It’s an ideal option for companies choosing to be proactive with wellbeing and employee engagement rather than reactive with health.”

Springday’s Challenges and Objectives

Running a small business is not without its struggles, and Springday is no exception. Time, maintaining the flexibility of a small business and bookkeeping are three challenges Drury and Springday face.

“Time is always our biggest challenge. I don’t want to be bogged down in admin. QuickBooks Online has helped free me up that admin time and I don’t get mired in the details. I’m a big-picture thinker and I just can’t cope with receipt matching. With QuickBooks Online, it automatically happens – it’s just a beautiful, seamless experience.”

Also, because Drury’s favourite aspect of being a small business owner is the flexibility it affords, maintaining that flexibility is important. “I’m a working mum. I’m in control of my life, when I work and what my schedule looks like.”

Then there’s the bookkeeping. “I’m embarrassed to admit that before using QuickBooks Online, we ran all of our finances ourselves.” And because Springday is about providing its clients with all the information and help they need at their fingertips, that’s also what Drury was looking for when it came to finding a bookkeeping solution for her company. “I needed a trusted supplier that did exactly that for me. That’s what QuickBooks Online did.”

Exploring Their Options

Before settling on QuickBooks Online, Drury did her due diligence in researching software options. And because Springday is also a tech company, she’s just that much more critical of other tech companies.

“What I love about QuickBooks Online and the integration with its apps is that the magic just happens. I can go into my apps, even if I’m in some random airport, and see the profitability of the business, what the cash flow is doing, which suppliers need to be paid and whether my invoices have gone out and my payroll’s been done. It’s all at the touch of a button.”

The Springday team uses a few apps to enhance their QuickBooks Online experience, including Shoeboxed for receipts and invoices and KeyPay for payroll.

The ability for her whole team to log in and access different parts of the system was at the top of Drury’s must-have list. “My team is spread all over the world – everyone’s virtual. I needed a system that everyone – from my bookkeeper and accountant to my developers – could use to look at different modules. It manages multiple users easily.”

The Results

Overall, QuickBooks Online has helped streamline Springday’s day-to-day operations. “Everything just happens automatically now. We know that every month, my team need to go into QuickBooks Online and update any forms or data about themselves, such as pay or annual leave, then I just press a button and away it goes.”

The big payoff, says Drury, is again time. “I have saved time, which is money. I’d say QuickBooks Online saves me at least a couple of hours a week – time that I can focus on the things I need to, like growing the business.”

Drury’s Tech Tips

Drury is still baffled by the fact that so many business owners aren’t embracing technology. “With innovation, you need to jump in and test the waters. You’ll be surprised about how awesome it can be and how immensely it transforms your business.” Then, she says, you need to find trusted partners, like Intuit and QuickBooks Online, with proven success for deploying that innovation.

Drury describes her experience working with QuickBooks Online in three words: “Painless, efficient and invaluable.”

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