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How to inspire others in the workplace

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If you’re running your own business and looking to inspire others in the process, it’s important to foster a positive work environment. Encouraging those around you to think big and execute well is an intentional decision that will reap rewards in the long run. In order to be the best small business owner in your niche, here are five ways you can inspire others in the workplace.

1 Create communal goals

Start by creating some communal goals that your whole team can work towards. Having an end goal in sight not only works as a motivating factor, but it will help you track your successes more easily. Remind your team of your vision, mission and goals regularly, so everyone can understand their part to play in the grand scheme of things. You could also print out your goals and stick them on a wall, so everyone can see when they’ve been achieved.  

2 Celebrate the wins

Choosing to focus on your business success, rather than the fails or near-misses, will help those around you feel encouraged and inspired. Regularly acknowledge what you’ve accomplished and call out those around you who have helped out. By appreciating the hard work of your colleagues and team members, you’ll foster a positive environment, which in turn, will inspire others to keep working hard towards your business goals.

3 Stay positive

Sometimes the most rewarding part of a job can be a kind or encouraging word from your boss. Don’t underestimate the impact your positivity can have on the rest of the team. Even when times are tough or results aren’t what they should be, you can still stay positive and inspire your team to keep trying.  Whether it’s a kind word, an email, a team lunch or simply a smile, if you can stay positive, your whole team will be right there with you.

4 Lead by example

Have a think about what qualities you want your employees to display and make sure you are leading by example. In order to foster a creative and positive work environment, you need to make sure you are feeling energised and inspired. Make sure you are getting what you need to feel inspired, whether it’s through attending conferences, hiring a business coach or reading other success stories. Your attitude can have a significant impact on those around you.

5 Revel in the success of others

It’s important to look beyond your own workplace in order to appreciate true success. Motivate your own team, by taking the time to see what other businesses and people are doing, both in and out of your niche. Organise guest speakers to come in and chat to the team, and watch videos about new technology and various business who are striving for big things. Be inspired by the success of others and use their creativity to propel your entire team forward.

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