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2014-09-15 00:00:00 Product Updates English https://dprotksf3n5y8.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/09000843/D4D.png Intuit Lean StartIn goes live in Sydney & Melbourne – learn how to Design for Delight

Intuit Lean StartIn goes live in Sydney & Melbourne – learn how to Design for Delight

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Have you heard of The Lean Startup? This world renowned book by Eric Ries is based loosely on the Japanese lean manufacturing model. Its grounding methodology is simple: test your ideas before you invest in them.

Through a simple framework, Ries provides logical, easy-to-execute strategies that any small-business owner can implement to make more informed, less costly decisions. The book inspired a devoted following of entrepreneurs who swear by its approach to growing a business. Intuit is referenced throughout the book regularly.

Fast forward to ‘Lean StartIn’ by Intuit Labs
In April, we held our first Australian Lean StartIn event for around 40 of our accountant and bookkeeper partners. The event gave partners a glimpse into our Design for Delight philosophy, revealed why we are described as a 30 year-old start up and showed attendees how they could use Design for Delight principles to develop great ideas to delight their customers.

Back by popular demand, this week we are lucky enough to have Bennett (Ben) Blank from our US team in Australia. Ben developed our Lean StartIn program and will be facilitating two Lean StartIn events for more than 150 Aussies.

Lean StartIn is not your standard event. Power-point is minimal and participants take part in exercises where they actively use innovation techniques and learn by doing. Working with our Innovation Catalysts, participants also practice building deep customer empathy, quickly running experiments, and applying our Design for Delight principles to solve business problems.

For more information about our new Lean StartIn event series, check out our video from the last event!

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