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2015-11-23 00:00:00Product UpdatesEnglishIn the most recent QuickBooks Online update we look at assigning categories, as there is now the ability to search by SKU or name in the...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2017/01/iStock_000039375238_Small.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/product-updates/inventory-categories/Inventory Categories

Inventory Categories

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Each month we see small updates to Inventory in QuickBooks Online. The Inventory area will be quite a strong and robust feature of QuickBooks Online once all updates take place.

The last few updates have increased the functionality to include the ability to add images and SKU numbers (stock keeping unit is a stores product or service identification code). The inventory interface has a whole new look, addition of a Non-Inventory item and service, and the ability to edit historical information.

In the most recent update we look at assigning categories. Now there is the ability to search by SKU or name in the sales form and changes to the inventory start date.

Assigning Product Categories in Products and Services

This has only been rolled out to new files, current and existing files will be rolled out shortly.

Managing Product categories feature will allow easier classification and grouping of products and services to enable simpler tracking, searching and transactions.

Tip: do not get this new feature confused with Classes and Location features available in QuickBooks Online.


A product category can be set up from the Lists page or on the fly when setting up a new Item in Inventory. We look at setting up from the Lists page:

Click the Company Preferences Cog top right corner > under Lists > Click All Lists > Click Product Categories under Products and Services tab.


Once in the Products and Services Categories window, you can choose to set up a New category or Edit an existing category. There is also having the ability to add sub-items four levels deep to classify and group the product and services list.


Click the Is a sub-category box for each sub-category and Save.


Four levels of categories available.


In the example below the Product Puppy Beds – Round – Blue – Large has been chosen.


Ability to Enter Product and Service by SKU Code in Forms

When entering the product or service in your forms such as Sales, Quotes, Purchases and Purchase Orders there is now the ability to find a product by SKU code. This makes the process of finding a product simpler especially for the larger product and service businesses.

Under the Product/Service tab start entering in the SKU code you require, and choose which Product/Service is required in the form.

Search by SKU item name, for example BL.


Search by SKU Item number, for example 15.


Start Inventory Date

When entering a new inventory item the Quantity on Hand is required to be set up. The inventory start date As of Date should be a date that precedes any transactions that needs to be entered.


These new features in the inventory section of QuickBooks Online should make your business finance a little bit easier. Keep an eye out for additional features in the coming months.


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