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2015-11-23 00:00:00Product UpdatesEnglishQuickBooks Online invoice customisation will give your business a polished and professional look.https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2017/01/4-Pricing-Strategies-to-Improve-Cash-Flow.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/product-updates/invoice-customisation-deep-dive/Invoice Customisation Deep Dive

Invoice Customisation Deep Dive

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Customising Invoices in QuickBooks Online

Sending a customised invoice to your customers will give your business a polished and professional look. QuickBooks Online provide five invoice templates to choose from within the software. You can change colours, fonts, add you favourite logo and when you import your logo QuickBooks Online intuitively colour matches the sales form main colour to your logo colour. You can have many different templates but just remember to name each one differently.

You can customise either an Invoice, Quote or Sales Receipt. Let’s look at how easy it is to customise the forms within QuickBooks Online.

How to Customise Invoices

Click on the Company Preferences Cog Wheel icon upper right > Settings > Custom Form Styles.2015-11-16_16-09-01

Click on New style button to add a new sales form.


Customise form style window will open. Follow the menu down the left hand side to customise the form:

  1. Style
  2. Appearance
  3. Header
  4. Activity Table
  5. Footer

1. Style


  1. Click on Style
  2. Choose Invoice, Quote Or Sales Receipt
  3. Select the form style from either Airy, Modern, Fresh, Friendly or Bold templates
  4. Upload your logo by clicking on the Logo field
  5. Click on the Untitled style pencil icon to name your form
  6. Colour will intuitively match the colour to your Logo but you can select a different colour. There are 18 to choose from
  7. Click on Preview or Print to preview the form so far
  8. Click on Save

2. Appearance


  1. Click on Appearance
  2. Use Logo crop resize align to change the size. Click Small, Medium or Large
  3. Logo placement: click Left, Centre Right or None
  4. Font and line height: choose from the Arial, Courier, Helvetica or Times Fonts. Choose font size
  5. Page margins: choose the different margins to set on your form. It can be set for Top, Left, Bottom and Right
  6. Printing: choose if a Window envelope compatible and pay slips is required or Use letterhead paper
  7. Show tables: choose Account summary or Tax summary if required

3. Header


  1. Click Header
  2. Form names
  3. Company: choose what details are shown on form header
  4. Customer: choose what you want the customer to see on the form
  5. Custom: choose what custom fields you want. You can add three fields to the form

4. Activity Table


  1. Click Activity Table
  2. Columns: choose if the Services/Product names are to be shown, Description, Date, Quantity, Rate, Tax and Amount on the form. You can change label names
  3. More: add if required

5. Footer


  1. Click Footer
  2. Message to customer: add a static message in the text field for each form
  3. Footer: static message on the bottom of form

Click Save in the bottom right corner


If more than one template is saved for Invoices, ensure that you choose the correct template prior to saving your invoice and emailing out or printing.

Bottom middle tab click Customise > Click template name > A tick will appear on chosen template > Click save

Our completed Invoice using the Bold Style Template


In QuickBooks Labs there is a .docx template that you can download. This allows you to work on it outside of QuickBooks Online, add as many logos as you like, change the colour of some of the fonts in the header and more, and then import into your QuickBooks Online file. You can have as many templates that you wish either within the software templates or the .docx templates – just remember to name them differently.

Click on Company Preferences Cog under Settings > Click QuickBooks Labs > Click Import Style. This allows you to import a .docx file from work into QuickBooks Online that you can tailor to suit. Check out the demo to see how it works. Make sure you switch this function on.


Once switched on under Cogs company preference > Custom Form Styles > Drop down menu at New Style > Click Import style.


In the Import form style window click on Download a sample invoice. This will download a zipped folder called SampleDocument. Within this folder double click samplestyles. You will find a How to Import Styles word document and two separate templates to choose from:

  • Invoice Airy Light template
  • Invoice Airy Pro template

Once you have customised your template follow the instructions in the Import form style window to Import your own form style into your QuickBooks Online file.


Once imported into your QuickBooks Online file they will be found in the same window as your other templates under Custom Form Styles.

Take the time to customise your forms, reflect the branding of your business and help your business create a professional look.

Allow QuickBooks Online accounting software to put you in control of your finances!

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