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2016-10-27 00:00:00 Product Updates English Gain insights into your business with the new Company Dashboard and Invoice Tracking from the Apple iOS v5.0 update. Apple iOS New company dashboard and invoice tracking: Apple iOS v5.0

New company dashboard and invoice tracking: Apple iOS v5.0

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Gain insights into your business with the new company dashboard

The QuickBooks Online App will open up on the Home screen by default, you can access the home screen at any time by tapping the icon and the tapping Home.

Company dashboardThe new Company Dashboard allows you to: View Last month’s P&L and expected impact of bank transactions awaiting review Open and overdue invoices. The balances of your bank accounts.

Track the status of your invoices

The new QuickBooks Online invoice tracker lets you to see the status of your invoices, allowing you know when you’re being paid and what invoices you need to follow up on.

Tap the home icon and then tap InvoicesTap on the invoice you’d like to see status on.

The invoice tracker is displayed at the top of the invoice, here’s what each status means:

Pending: You still need to send the invoice or follow up with the customer regarding payment.

Sent: you have emailed the invoice to the customer. It will also display when you last sent the invoice to the customer.

Viewed: your customer has opened the invoice (if you are use eInvoicing). It will also display when your customer first viewed the invoice.

Partially Paid: your customer has made a partial payment (The remaining balance will also be displayed above the invoice).

Paid: your customer has paid the invoice’s full amount.

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