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2015-11-28 00:00:00Product UpdatesEnglishThe QuickBooks Online update includes refreshed product categories, redesigned reports and new bank registers.https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2017/01/macbook-336704_1920.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/product-updates/quickbooks-online-update-november-2015/QuickBooks Online Update: November 2015

QuickBooks Online Update: November 2015

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The latest online update for November gives us extra zoom in our inventory with the new feature Product Categories. Redesigned Reports have been revamped and set as a default reports in new QuickBooks Online files and of course can be turned on for existing files. Bank registers have a new look and feel with more customisation in your columns.

Improved Inventory

The last few updates have increased the functionality to include the ability to add images and SKU numbers (stock keeping unit is a stores product or service identification code). The inventory interface has a whole new look, addition of a Non-Inventory item and service, and the ability to edit historical information.

The November update release allows you to assign product categories, search by SKU or name in the sales form, and choose the start date, rather than have it default to the current date.

Assigning Product Category

November Update 2015

Adding Products by SKU codes in the forms to allocate sales/purchases.

November Update 2015

Read our blog about improved Inventory for further information.

Redesigned Reports

The new Redesigned Reports are now default reports in all new files. Take the time to visit each report for the new look. There are over 22 reports that have been redesigned.

Just some of the reports with the new look include:

  • Profit and Loss, Profit and Loss By Month (New), Profit and Loss % of Income (New), Quarterly Profit and Loss Summary and Profit and Loss Comparison
  • Balance Sheet and Balance Sheet Summary
  • Transaction Detail by Account, Transaction List by Date, Transaction List by Customer and Transaction List by Vendor
  • A/R Aging Summary and A/R Aging Detail
  • A/P Aging Summary and A/P Aging Detail

November update 2015

Of course if you still like the look and feel of the older style reports you can switch the Redesigned Reports to OFF. This is found under the Company Preferences cog wheel > Settings > QuickBooks Labs

November update 2015

Register Improvements

The new look and feel for Registers in QuickBooks Online has the ability to choose the columns we would like to see. This is very useful especially in the bank registers.

Home page > Top right hand side > Registers > Click on drop down menu. These register improvements can also be seen from the Chart of Accounts registers.

When you switch between registers QuickBooks Online retains your filter options and column widths. For example, if you widen the Memo column in the checking register, the width is retained when you switch to the savings register.

You also can add columns and remove them all from the Cog wheel on the right hand side of the register.

November Update 2015

November Update 2015




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