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2018-11-28 20:39:26Professional ServicesEnglishWhen you’re new in the small business world, growing your client base should be your top priority. After all, they are your path to...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/11/iStock-871262444.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/professional-services/how-to-get-more-clients-for-your-practice/How To Get More Clients For Your Practice | QuickBooks Australia

How to get more clients for your practice

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When you’re new in the small business world, growing your client base should be your top priority. After all, they are your path to profit and growth. However, in a competitive marketplace, getting people to buy services from a business they never hear about is no easy task. That’s why we’ve rounded up five tips to help you get more clients on the books.

1. Build a client profile

The first important step to landing clients is to ask yourself: Who am I selling my services to? You probably have a basic idea, but if you can’t describe your ideal client in vivid detail yet, it’s time to start building that profile. Start by pinpointing details like their age bracket, gender, location, and income. Then you can go into more detail and create a hypothetical persona.

Ask: What values and interests do my target audience have? How do they like to be communicated with? Where do they hang out? Answering these questions can give you better insights about their purchasing behaviours and how to reach them.

2. Be a smart marketer

Marketing is, of course, key to getting new clients. The best marketing strategies are both data-driven and target consumers on multiple channels. Your client profile can help you here. It should give you a clear idea of where and how to market your brand and what tools are likely to be most effective for your purpose.

3. Focus on web presence

Whoever your target clients are, there’s a very high chance they use search engines like Google. So, you should make it your goal to appear on the first page of search results when they look for services like yours. Making sure your website is easy to navigate and SEO optimised can get you there. Featuring testimonials on your website and encouraging existing clients to leave online reviews can support your business’s credibility and, therefore, attract new prospects. You should also consider adding your firm to local online business directories. Targeted pay-per-click advertising and content marketing can also increase your exposure.

4. Instigate real connections

When it comes to building lasting client relationships, nothing beats getting out there and actually meeting them face to face. A little mingling can go a long way, so attending industry networking events, conferences, and talks can open you up you to a whole new range of opportunities. From there, you could also form alliances with complementing, but non-competing, businesses to generate more referrals.

5. Lock them in

Once you’ve generated some promising leads, the next step is to lock them in. Whether they visited your website or you met them online, the key here is to keep them engaged. To get their details, you can ask them to sign up to your company newsletter or connect with you on your social platforms. This way you can begin establishing an emotional connection with them that will keep your business front of mind when they need you.

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