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How to use online advertising

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With more customers shopping online than ever before, online advertising is one of the best ways to reach potential customers.

Online advertising offers you a way to market your products or services for a fraction of the price of print or TV ads. Here are some of the most common types of online advertising you can use and how they work.

1. Google AdWords

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising uses search engines as marketing media; consumers are targeted and ads appear prominently in the search results, based on users’ specific searches.

The most well-known example of PPC advertising is Google AdWords . AdWords is a service that allows businesses to create ads that appear on Google search results pages when users search certain words or phrases, known as keywords.

Because you pay only when someone clicks on your ads, you can set a desired budget for reaching new clients.

2. Remarketing

Remarketing is the ability to show ads to people who have previously visited your website, as they browse other sites across the web. Remarketing focuses specifically on web users who have, in some way or another, expressed interest in your product or service. For example, some visitors may have looked at merchandise sold on your e-commerce site, but abandoned their shopping carts before purchasing the items. These “abandons” are a specific type of lead, and they are prime candidates for remarketing.

3. Social media advertising

On social media, your ads will be seen by a captive audience of registered users. Here’s a brief synopsis of the size and benefits of the highest-profile social networks.”

Facebook enables businesses to increase their brand awareness and even drive online sales. With an estimated 802 million active daily users (as of March 2014), the service offers a robust advertising platform via newsfeed, brand pages and sidebar advertisements on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Twitter is being used by more and more businesses to advertise their products. Thanks to a new feature that allows companies to target Twitter users with their IDs and email addresses, advertisers can tailor their messaging to specific clients, reducing marketing spend while increasing potential return on investment (ROI). Twitter claims to have 255 million monthly active users, but it requires a higher minimum advertising spend than Facebook advertising, so make sure your potential clients are using this channel before you advertise here.

LinkedIn’s network of 300 million members includes everyone from students to CEOs. LinkedIn offers ads that can be tailored, based on both professional and personal data. It could be a better option than Facebook or Twitter if you are selling to other businesses.

Find your most effective online advertising channels

It’s important to track your results, so you can adjust your campaigns and channels. By using tracking URLs (such as Bit.ly), you can determine the number of users who visited your site after clicking on one of your ads.

Set a small starting budget for online advertising and test your different methods and platforms. Once you determine how much revenue you’re receiving from various sources, you can divert more money into the channels that are most effective.

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