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2018-12-03 16:26:15Running a Tradie BusinessEnglishIt may seem like the typical tradie gets up at the crack of dawn and enjoys regular afternoons off - but is that always the case? While...https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2018/10/iStock-678131452.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/running-a-tradie-business/debunking-common-tradie-myths/Debunking Common Tradie Myths | QuickBooks Australia

Debunking common tradie myths

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It may seem like the typical tradie gets up at the crack of dawn and enjoys regular afternoons off – but is that always the case? While tradies are highly trained professionals, often running their own business, there’s plenty of preconceived ideas about what tradie life is truly like. Here, we debunk five of the most common tradie myths.

1. Tradies can make their own hours

Running your own business means making your own hours – or so they say. While the theory sounds ideal, the reality looks quite different for tradies. Between meeting clients and managing daily admin tasks, working hours as a tradie business owner are not always as flexible as one might think. In fact, tradies often need to work their schedule around traditional office hours to meet their clients’ needs.

2. Tradies get arvos off

Tradies are definitely no strangers to early morning starts. This might have them leaving sites mid-afternoon, but that doesn’t mean they get to slack off for the rest of the day. Afternoons and late nights in a tradie’s diary are usually reserved for the piles of paperwork that build up – seemingly out of nowhere – throughout the day. Invoicing and bookkeeping tasks often keep tradies busy right into the evening.

3. Tradies love junk food

Sure enough, if you’re not a Sunday arvo meal prepper and are on the road as much as a tradie, quick and convenient (and not all that healthy) meal options are likely your lunch of choice. But it might surprise you to learn that according to a recent survey, 84% of tradies today prefer a nutritious home-prepped meal over a good old Four’N’Twenty pie. However, with all the physical work that comes from being a tradie, carbs of some sort are definitely needed.

4. Only men can be tradies

Although women make up only a small percentage of the Australian tradie workforce today, organisations like Tradeswomen Australia strive to encourage more to choose a tradie career path. More and more tradeswomen are also taking  the leap into self-employment to start their own tradie business.

5. Tradies don’t like maths

Sure, not everyone dreams of a future of crunching numbers but that doesn’t mean tradies aren’t business savvy. Running a trades business requires a skilled all-rounder who – among other things – knows their way around business finances.

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