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2021-03-09 18:47:22Staff and EmployeesEnglishHappy International Women's Day 2021. To celebrate, Intuit are spotlighting five fierce leaders over five days.https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2021/03/IWD2021.pnghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/staff-and-employees/nada-wassef/Nada Wassef in her own words – Intuit leader spotlights

Nada Wassef in her own words – Intuit leader spotlights

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Happy International Women’s Day 2021. To celebrate, Intuit are spotlighting five fierce leaders over five days.

Nada Wassef

How would you describe your role at Intuit?


My role within Intuit is to partner with Intuit’s Senior leadership team to develop and direct the HR people agenda in line with Australia business strategy.

What has been your career progression? Where did you get your start and how did you end up at Intuit?


I have always had a passion to work with people to shape their careers and futures. I love wrapping my arms around a big challenge and work with my stakeholders to firstly unpack it, diagnose it and together in a collaborative way solution for it.

I also love technology, and this is what led me down the path of fintech companies such as Liquid Capital or simply just tech companies such as Atlassian, Adobe and now Intuit!

What are you most excited about working at Intuit?


I am most excited about the journey that we are on at Intuit. We are on a journey of transformation and I know this means change but change is sometimes needed to get us on the right path to leading with a clear vision which will enable us to build a high-performance culture and drive winning results for our customers.

Is there a particular turning point in your professional experience that helped define your career path?


Yes, I would say my turning point was when I joined Liquid Capital, this was a multi-million-dollar Trading firm that was headquarter out of the UK. It was a heavily male dominated industry and I have to say I felt intimidated at the start. Then I started to do what I know I can do, and that is to build a people plan that will allow Liquid Capital to win in the market.

I partnered with a great Leader who empowered me to do the best work of my life and he created a safe environment for me to thrive and grow. I initially did not think I would last a year in this company and eight years later, I was still there and managed to travel the world and worked out of Chicago for almost three years managing the operation globally.

I was able to hone in on my strengths while building awareness around my areas of opportunities.

What does ambition mean to you?


Ambition for me is all about surrounding myself with diverse group of people who are better than me. People whom I can learn from, as well as help me be a better professional and person. I have been very fortunate in my career to be exposed to the best in the industry and this continues to be the case till this day.

I want to continue to impact people’s lives in different ways and I will forever continue to be the student not the teacher.

Based on your experience, what is one thing managers or execs could do better to support and encourage women in the workplace?


I believe we all have the power and ability to create opportunities that provide job skills, self-development tools and inspire women and innovation across all functions and industries. This takes open mindedness, altruism, courage, compassion, empathy and belief in the power of equality.

There is not a job today that a woman cannot do. All it takes is for us as leaders is to lead by example, take our people where they cannot imagine by helping everyone understand and reach their potential.

What is one thing a leader has done to help promote women in the workplace — either organisationally or for you personally?


Transformative leaders help lift up others and ensure they have a seat at the table. This is exactly what leaders have done for me and I intend to do the same for others, they helped me realise my own strengths and my superpower.

They constantly reminded me to not doubt myself and I will spend my career to ensure I do the same for others.

What’s a time you felt immense pride in yourself/your work?


I feel proud when I find the strength to not give up even when I am too tired to keep going. I feel proud when I allow myself the opportunity to self-reflect and realise what I could have done better.

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