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Do You Have a Strong Employer Brand?

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How do prospective employees feel about your company? Are you seen as a desirable place to work?

In today’s competitive global employment market, building a strong employer brand can help you attract and retain the best people, giving you a valuable competitive edge.

According to a study on candidate behaviour, 91% of candidates believe an employer brand impacts their decision on whether or not to apply for a specific job. Meanwhile, research by LinkedIn reveals 83% of recruiters believe employer brand significantly impacts their ability to hire great talent.

Here are four ways to create a strong employer brand for your company.

1. Develop a Social Media Strategy

Professional networking sites enable you to create an appealing profile for your company in a place that prospective talent is likely to be looking. On LinkedIn, for example, you can use your company page to share industry insights, work-related stories and updates. In addition to posting written content, you can also build your employer brand by sharing videos, infographics, photos and more to help paint a picture of your company as an employer of choice.

2. Engage Your Staff as Brand Ambassadors

Your staff are powerful ambassadors, so bring them along on your company’s journey towards an enhanced employer brand. Encourage them to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your company on social media and to share company posts. Consider profiling members of staff on social media or your website, or producing a behind-the-scenes video of employee life at your company.

3. Maximise the Impact of Your Company Website

While your company website may be the first port of call for many of your customers, a review of your analytics will likely reveal a large number of hits on your employment pages. Given the number of prospective staff who will visit your website before they consider applying to work with you, make sure you use it to sell the benefits of being part of your team. Whether you offer flexible work arrangements, a vibrant office culture or free coffee on Fridays, showcase these benefits to those considering whether they want to work for you.

4. Be True to Your Message

Building a strong employer brand and being an employer of choice are hard things to fudge. If you talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, none of the strategies above will work for you – your existing workforce won’t get behind them and the talent you want to attract will see through them. Make sure your company really is a great place to work by listening to your staff, identifying any areas of potential improvement and implementing a targeted strategy.

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