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The Smart and Affordable Way to Convert Website Visitors

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Four seconds. That’s all the time you have to convince new website visitors to stick around. So, what can you do with those precious seconds to grab their attention, give them a reason to want to find out more, and most importantly, convince them that what you’re offering is what matters to them?

If your site has to work that hard for you in just four seconds, you’re going to have to spend a lot of money on getting the biggest, brightest, all-singing, all-dancing platform right?

Actually no. But you will need to have the right sales funnel to not only attract but then convert visitors into new leads and potential customers.

Know and Communicate Your Primary Objective

If you’re not grabbing the attention of the right people from the start, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to attract, convert and sell. As a first time visitor, does your site tell me upfront that you have something I want to buy? Or maybe there is an email list that I want to opt-in to or a way I can contact you to learn more about your services?

If not, you need a new site and a new plan. Your key offering needs to be clearly stated upfront with one clear call to action, and it should be directly related to your niche and your ideal customer.

Does your website or platform have these six essential elements?

1. A header or banner that tells people exactly what you do.

2. A clear call to action such as click for a free consultation, join my community, etc.

3. A lot of white space. You want people to like the look of your page and not be overloaded.  The less clutter the easier it is to direct them to where you need them to be to convert.

4. A summarised version of your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your business USP is what sets your offering or you apart from the crowd. Use your USP to cement your hook and make visitors say, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” They should be clicking for more if your USP is effective.

5. A contact page. This is invaluable for understanding who it is that is visiting your site and deepening your connections with them. Let people know that you’re a real person and you are here to help.

6. Google Analytics. Find out who is visiting your site, where they’ve come from and what content they like. There is absolutely no need to blindly guess at what is working and what isn’t when this free tool lays it all out for you.

Sounds Expensive, But It’s Not  

It may seem like the dollars are adding up to achieve the perfect online presence. But luckily, pricey custom design and development isn’t necessary. There are many out-of-the-box solutions and tools these days that are truly cost effective.

Also, it is important to consider whether or not a full-blown website even fits your business needs. A simple landing page to convert visitors may be the perfect fit for both you and your potential clients.

3 Tools to Building Beautiful Landing Pages and Websites

If it’s an effective, attractive, professional platform that you need, and you can’t afford a custom, development-heavy solution nor do you need one, then I recommend the following tools.  Use these tools to attract an audience, increase opt-ins, convert traffic and avoid frustrating and time-consuming tech challenges. These options all require just a modest investment. They help you effectively leverage your time and budget for maximum results.

1.   WordPress – the gold standard platform upon which you can build a website, blog and shop front in one hit. You know the people you need to attract and WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool where you can package your message and your offerings in a way that speaks to them the most. Best of all, it’s easy and inexpensive to manage and change as your needs change.

2.   LeadPages – was designed to help you build your audience, build your list and make more sales with video. It’s the easiest way to create beautiful landing pages, launch pages, sales pages and squeeze pages for your website that actually convert. Simply install their plugin on your WordPress site, then login to their website and choose from a great range of templates. Add headlines and custom content into optimized templates and then publish directly to your site.

3.    Optimise Press – allows you to set up fully customised squeeze pages, landing pages and video opt-ins, but more significantly, you can create and manage memberships all from within your existing WordPress site. You can even use this tool to integrate with email and payment providers.

Last piece of advice, make sure your site is optimized for mobile. Up to 41 percent of people open emails on their mobile devices and then visit your site. The last thing you want to do is discourage them with a frustrating on-the-go experience.

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