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2021-11-14 20:14:17Product UpdatesEnglishSee what's new in the QuickBooks suite. New BAS cashflow predictor, QuickBooks mobile app updates, workpaper export options and lots more.https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/au_qrc/uploads/2021/09/Product-Release-Image-v3.jpghttps://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/resources/uncategorized/november-product-update/November Product Update

November Product Update

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Export Workpapers

QuickBooks Online – Advisor functionality

Advisors complete workpapers to record and substantiate values when finalising and reconciling their client’s books. Many Advisors like to export these workpapers to share or to store so we’re currently testing where the Export Workpapers option should be displayed in QuickBooks Online. We’re testing two locations in the Books Review area to see which is clicked on the most, and once the data tells us which location works best, we will add it to the product.



General Ledger Summary Performance – Stage 2

QuickBooks Online

Following on from recent performance improvements to the load times of the General Ledger Summary report, we have made further enhancements making it even faster to produce.

Our goal is to have the General Ledger Summary report display in less than 10 seconds so will continue to monitor the results and make enhancements as required.



QuickBooks iOS Dashboard Enhancements

QuickBooks Mobile

The QuickBooks Mobile team has launched visual enhancements to the QuickBooks Online iOS app home screen.

With this development, we have redesigned the dashboard to provide easier access to popular items. This included converting the Activity tab to a link and displaying frequently used items like Invoicing, Customer and Snap receipt for example at the top of the screen.

We also updated the background of the Today tab to white, and introduced new titles for the Quick actions and To do sections. See the below and after images below.

We will continue to monitor usage of the Quick actions along with how users interact with the To Do activity and the relocated Activity link.

Our next project will be to apply these changes to the QuickBooks Mobile android app.


QBM dashboard updateQuickBooks iOS App Size Reduction

QuickBooks Mobile

Work has been completed to reduce the size of the QuickBooks mobile app to limit data required to download the app or store the app on a mobile device.

By leveraging Apple’s Bitcode capability, we’ve cut the app download size by 20% and app install size by 50% making it more efficient to download and install.


Community Reports Experiment

QuickBooks Online – Advisor functionality

Advisors spend a lot of time customising reports to meet the standard reporting format chosen by their firm or the needs of their clients. In QuickBooks Online today, these customised reports are created on a client to client basis and can’t be copied or shared between clients files.

To increase efficiencies in this area, we’re currently exploring whether advisors would like to share their customised reports not only across their firm but with other firms around the country.

To validate the demand for this feature, we are currently surfacing a link to a survey in the reporting area in QuickBooks Online. From the results, we will determine next steps.


Community Reports


Books Review: Bulk Reclassify Transactions without GST

QuickBooks Online – Advisor functionality

To further streamline the BAS preparation process, we have added the ability to bulk reclassify transactions without GST assigned in the Books Review area. This will make the process of reviewing and fixing transactions without GST even faster.


Reclassify GST Trans

Self-Serve Refund Tool

QuickBooks Online

To help you lodge and track refund requests more efficiently, we have developed a self-serve facility. This tool enables you to request a refund anywhere, anytime without the need to contact the Customer Success team, and your request is processed in 5-7 business days by a centralised team.

You can access the self-serve tool here: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/en-au/intuit-refunds/request-a-refund-for-your-quickbooks-product/00/968133


Payroll Assisted Onboarding Experiment

QuickBooks Online Payroll

To help new small businesses get up and running with payroll, we’re providing access to a free 1:1 onboarding service where they are walked through the process by our expert Service Delivery team.

To gauge interest and uptake, we’re offering this service in 2 locations within QuickBooks Online Payroll to see which works best.

We will monitor uptake as well as feedback on the service over the coming months.


Books Review: Report Shortcuts

QuickBooks Online – Advisor functionality

When preparing the BAS for clients, our Advisors tell us they need to review various reports and cross-check data. This involves going to the Reports Tab, opening various reports and editing each report to reflect the correct date range for the quarter they’re working on.

To streamline this process, we’ve added functionality that enables you to create links to the reports you like to produce as part of your review process. The best part is the date range you select in the Books Review area is reflected in the reports you produce from the Shortcuts area, saving you valuable time.

To check it out, head to Books Review and scroll down to the Shortcuts area. Click on Add to create a link to the reports you want in your review process.




BAS Cashflow Predictions

QuickBooks Online

Cashflow is critical to small businesses. They need to know what money is coming in and going out so they can make informed business decisions.

Many small businesses tell us they’re often not aware of looming key business expenses such as their business activity statement (BAS) commitment until the work is completed. And occasionally, they don’t have the funds to cover it.

To help in this area, we’re extending our cashflow planning functionality to include BAS predictions. These BAS predictions, calculated using machine learning technology, will be displayed in several locations in QuickBooks Online such as the Homepage, Expenses area and GST centre. This aims to keep the small business informed and in a position to prepare for their BAS payment.

We will monitor engagement with the BAS predictions, with the plan to surface other key cashflow events in the future.



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