Welcome to the Organise-Nation Movement:
Organising our nation, one small business at a time


Shaynna Blaze, one of Australia's experts on organisation leads a team to organise our nation’s Self Employed.


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Welcome to the Organise-Nation movement

It's the movement sweeping the nation to help the self-employed become more organised and enjoy more time with family and friends or doing the things they truly love.



Meet the 2 women leading the organisational charge

  • Shaynna Blaze, interior designer and TV personality and one of Australia’s leading authorities on organisation.
  • Katrina Springer, "The Organised Housewife", one of Australia's leading bloggers, who provides daily tips and ideas to keep your life organised

Together, Shaynna and Katrina show you how to achieve more in less time, how to leverage your mobile device and the QuickBooks Self-Employed app, and how to get organised and ready for tax time.


Shaynna Blaze

Interior Designer and Supreme Organiser


Watch Shaynna weave her magic for Charlotte, owner of Lottie’s Clothing, a young mum who runs her children’s clothing business from home.


Shaynna shows two self-employed individuals how to become more organised


Watch these short videos to discover how Charlotte (Children's Clothing Designer) and Lucas (Personal Trainer) use the QuickBooks Self-Employed mobile app to better organise their small businesses.

Automatic Mileage Tracker


Charlotte never has to touch a logbook again as she lets QuickBooks Self-Employed track and log her trips automatically.

Expense Tracker


Charlotte discovers how to separate business expenses from personal with a single swipe.

Receipt Capture


Charlotte will never lose another receipt. She now points, snaps and stores to be fully organised for tax time.

Automatic mileage tracker


Personal Trainer, Lucas, works on getting his business in better shape by ditching his car’s logbook.

Expense Tracker


Lucas discovers how to claim those easily forgotten business expenses.

Receipt Capture


Lucas will never miss another tax deduction thanks to Shaynna and the QuickBooks Self-Employed app.

Are you ready to get organised?

Katrina Springer

The Organised Housewife


Watch Katrina turn a car into a mobile office. She also reveals how you could claim back thousands of dollars on travel without ever having to touch a logbook again.



Expense Tracker


Katrina shows how to organise your workspace and keep track of your expenses with the QuickBooks Self Employed app.

Car Office and Auto Mileage Tracking


Katrina turns her car into an office and shows how to claim back thousands of dollars on travel without ever having to touch a logbook.

Receipt Capture


Katrina shows how to kiss goodbye to your shoebox of receipts and capture expenses with QuickBooks Self-Employed.

Download QuickBooks Self-Employed and get your finances organised for tax time.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Self-Employed?


If you’re a sole trader or in a partnership and not registered as a Pty Ltd, you are generally regarded as self-employed. This also includes freelancers and contractors..



How Can I Join the Organise-Nation Movement?


Simple. All you need to do is take a photo or short video of what you have organised. It can be organising your home office, sorting out your mileage tracking, or even tidying up your work shoe collection!

Just remember to add the hashtag #organisenation to any posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


What is a Home Office?


A home office, sometimes also referred to as a SoHo (small office / home office), is generally a room or space located in your home dedicated for carrying out duties related to your business.



What is a Car Office?


Many self-employed people who spend much of their time on the road visiting clients, use the time between appointments to run and organise their business.

Some go to extremes installing laptop tables, printers, large screen monitors and even Wi-Fi internet connection.

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