How to Use Cheques in QuickBooks

Whenever you write a cheque, you need to record it in QuickBooks. Here's how.

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Read step-by-step instructions

Open a Cheque

Go to the Create (+) Menu and under Suppliers choose Cheque.

Enter Payee Info

Type the payee’s name in the Choose a payee field. If this is a new supplier, click Add.

When you do this, it will open a New Name window where you can click Details if you want to add more information. Otherwise, you can do this later and just click Save.

Choose an Account

Choose either a transaction or savings account or you can add a new one.

Enter Date

Enter the cheque’s payment date, which might not be today’s date.

Choose an Account Category

Under Account Details, click Account and choose the appropriate category for the item or service you bought.

Add a Description

In the description field, you can name and describe the item or service you want.

Cheque Amount

In the Amount field, type the amount for this cheque. Select or type the applicable GST in the GST field.

Cheque Number

Enter the cheque number.

Printing Cheque

If you want to print something to send to your payee to confirm payment, click Print to print an expense voucher.

Saving Cheques

Click Save and New to enter the next cheque, or Save and Close when you’re all done.