Why Connect Your Accounts to QuickBooks

Connecting your bank accounts and credit card accounts to QuickBooks helps you do much less manual data entry, faster account balancing, and keeps you always ready for tax time.

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Connecting Bank Accounts

When you connect your bank accounts, QuickBooks keeps track of all your bank machine purchases and withdrawals, plus all direct online funds transfers. Instead of methodically entering every single transaction you make, you download them straight from the bank, which saves you a lot of time.

Connecting Credit Cards

If you share business credit cards with your colleagues, organising everyone’s receipts can be complicated. When you connect your credit card accounts to QuickBooks, you can download all of these purchases without worrying about who bought what.

Reconciling Made Easy

Reconciling accounts is one of the most laborious tasks small business owners have to deal with. Once you connect your accounts to QuickBooks, every time you work with your downloaded transactions you’re teaching QuickBooks about your business. QuickBooks will now recognise some of these transactions for you and save you time. When you have to lodge your GST, your transactions will already be categorised, which makes reconciling that much easier.