Ben Humphreys

Ben Humphreys

Ben Humphreys is a software developer and accountant based in Jacksonville, Fla. His past projects have included being a network engineer for a CPA firm, building an instant online tax extension application used by 120,000 clients, and creating command line tools for trading using Interactive Brokers. He is currently building a command line interface to QuickBooks Online using python. As a blind entrepreneur, Ben is keen on automating as much of the accounting process as possible. In addition, he is an ideal trainer or anyone with a visual impairment such as those using screen readers like JAWS or NVDA.


Using QuickBooks Online with a screen reader

Historically, when blind or visually impaired users of assistive technology had to choose an accounting system, the two main choices were QuickBooks® Desktop by Intuit and Cash Manager by Accomplish. Within the last several years, QuickBooks Online has improved in accessibility enough to warrant consideration as a third option. Here are some tips on working […]

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