Shana Niederman

Shana Niederman

As someone who has been self-employed for most of my adult life, I love helping others who dare to do the same. Managing our QB Community is so much fun because I get to spend time with you in this positive, supportive place where we’ve all come together around the desire to learn, share and do better in business. Thanks so much for joining me! Outside of work I love spending time with my awesome little family and enjoying the fun things we do outside and around our hometown.


Turn One-Time Customers Into Loyal, Repeat Fans

When it comes to getting customers to stick around, Todd Eby knows what it takes. This self-described “anti-consultant” launched SuccessHacker in 2016 on a quest to help small businesses get big results. Now, after nearly a quarter-century in the customer success space, Todd has plenty of practical, effective ideas about capturing and leveraging customer feedback […]

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