OrigAudio Hits the Right Note with QuickBooks, Shark Tank and Tech Tools

by Troy Marcyes

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Jason Lucash and Mike Szymczak were travelling frequently for their jobs, and like many people, wanted to play music while on the go. With a typical speaker being a difficult item to pack in a suitcase, they started brainstorming about how to make listening to music more portable. In 2009, with a lot of ingenuity and great aesthetics, Jason and Mike developed OrigAudio, a company devoted to creating eco-friendly, transportable consumer electronics.

Three months after investing all their savings and starting up the business, OrigAudio’s original speaker, the Fold n’ Play, was featured in Time magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of the Year. Very soon, Jason and Mike went from selling 10 speakers a day to 1,000 a day. At that point, they quit their jobs and started focusing on OrigAudio full time. The duo pitched their Rock-It speaker on Shark Tank, a network television show devoted to giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their ideas and receive buy in from notable financiers. The Rock-It impressed the investors and only increased OrigAudio’s visibility. As Jason says, “it’s snowballed ever since.”

Today, OrigAudio offers consumers customizable speakers, headphones, chargers and other electronic accessories at affordable price points. The products are also creatively designed, made of recycled materials, and easy to bring anywhere. They sell online and in select retailers, with approximately 60 percent of their sales coming from custom print jobs for other companies.

Technology has helped Jason and Mike expand the business internationally, with OrigAudio now selling in the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Germany and South Africa, among other countries. In order to grow their presence, the company leveraged an e-commerce platform and an overseas distributor, and in addition to selling their products internationally, OrigAudio has suppliers in China that they source from. With all these international partners, they use tech tools, such as Skype, to easily facilitate important conversations.

Jason reiterates, “Our operation could not be possible without online technology tools.”

He said the company utilizes products such as Dream Host, Google’s Admin Panel and Docs apps, CS Cart, and WordPress. He also said that OrigAudio has invested time and money savings from “systems and processes like QuickBooks® and ADP Payroll, which have increased our efficiency.”

Jason also discusses his confidence in online tools, saying, “In my opinion, cloud-based services are completely safe. We use file share services like WeTransfer all the time.”

OrigAudio will continue to leverage a bevy of online tools and services to create efficiencies, manage their bookkeeping, improve communications and grow their international presence. Jason speaks of their future goals, saying they look forward to “debuting new products and further becoming a household name.”

Sounds like they are well on their way!

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