Gumball Poodle Video: Trust Numbers Over Instinct

by QuickBooks Online Team

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Erica Easley is the founder of Gumball Poodle, which makes a diverse line of “statement socks” that are as unique as the people who wear them. High-profile fans of this quirky brand include Snoop Dog, Beyoncé and Madonna.

While Erica admits that looking at reports is not the most fun part of her business, she is adamant about how important it is to do frequently. As a wholesale company, Gumball Poodle’s main costs go into the manufacturing of their goods, but additional costs include staff, warehousing, legal and marketing fees. Erica routinely checks her profit & loss and inventory statements in order to track what products should be pushed or scaled back. By always listening to her numbers over her emotions, Erica has been able to keep her brand thriving.

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