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App Showdown Finalist Profile – Recur360: Regular Billing Made Easy

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With backgrounds in accounting and technology, Recur360 co-founders Lisa McCarthy and Andrew Abrams have worked with QuickBooks® for more than 25 years – so it’s little surprise that they’d come up with a simple, easy, recurring invoicing and payments solution for QuickBooks.

The pair was Intuit’s® first Premier Reseller – they owned the first consulting company in the country that sold Intuit products and services. Over the years, the team has grown to include CPAs, QuickBooks consultants, bookkeepers, IT specialists and mobile app developers.

As longtime QuickBooks consultants, they saw the need for integrations with QuickBooks and for apps that filled gaps in business processes related to QuickBooks. They began a focus on development, and thus Recur360 was born.

“Our customers were frustrated with the inefficient workflow and potential lost revenue when trying to manage recurring billing using only QuickBooks and their Intuit Merchant (or credit card processing) solution,” says Abrams. “We took both of those great Intuit products and combined them into a seamless invoicing solution.”

Recur360 focuses on revenue recognition and enhancing the QuickBooks experience. In QuickBooks, if the payment fails, nothing gets recorded. With Recur360, if a payment fails, an invoice is pushed to QuickBooks, revenue is recognized and the payment can follow later.

The Recur360 solution records the receivable in QuickBooks and automates the collection process until it’s paid. And, Recur360 provides the same great solution for both desktop and online.

Listening to Customers for 25 years

“After listening to QuickBooks customers for more than 25 years, you begin to hear the same pain points,” says McCarthy. “Recur360 was born from the many conversations we’ve had with thousands of clients.”

Customers using both QuickBooks and Intuit Merchant solutions craved a more efficient workflow and worried about lost revenue when invoices would get stuck in the credit card processing area.

When credit card transactions fail (which they often do), Recur360 still records that receivable in QuickBooks and automates the collection process until it’s paid.

Recur360 was a finalist in this year’s App Showdown at QuickBooks Connect, a contest that honors the very best new apps published on the QuickBooks App Store.

“We see so much potential for app development and integrations with QuickBooks,” Abrams says. “Every business that uses QuickBooks has a need and if the software isn’t fulfilling that need, we are ready to build an app that does.”

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